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Motorola Video Calling: Joining iPhone 4 and HTC EVO

We have some great news for Motorola fans now, as company CEO Sanjay Jha has just announced that the company is planning to introduce as many as four new handsets some time ‘soon’.

As reported from BGR, Jha added that these handsets will all support video chat features thanks the to addition of front-facing cameras.

Although he wasn’t a fan of video calling in the past, Jha believes now that the time is right to make a change, especially with the likes of the HTC EVO 4G and iPhone 4 leading the way so far with their video features.

We still don’t know the final spec sheet for the company’s upcoming Droid handsets on Verizon this Summer. Maybe video calling will arrive sooner than expected on Motorola. Let us know your thoughts on this.


  • crabjoe

    Data services on cell networks are no reliable enough to truly support video, let alone video chats. So until cellular companies can promise consistent speeds, enough to support 2 way video, it's more of a gimmick then anything else. In some ways Apple was smart to only allow video chats on WiFi, since Wifi is reliable.


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