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HTC EVO Battery Life: iPhone 4 Compared

Two of the most popular phones at the moment are the HTC EVO 4g and the upcoming iPhone 4, which will be released on June 24, 2010. Both handsets comes with all the latest technology, but it is the battery than we thought we would take a closer look at – so how do these two compare?

It is no secret that the battery in the current iPhone 3GS sucks, so Apple knew that they had to improve on this – with claims of up to 40 percent more talktime we can only hope that poor battery life is a thing of the past. This could be a huge problem for HTC, as there have been a number of reports that the battery in the EVO 4G performs badly.

Matt Burns from Mobile Crunch said that it is the battery that is a deal breaker for the HTC EVO 4G, which is a shame as the rest of the phone performs very well indeed. If you were to switch 4G, GPS and Wi-Fi off at night, the battery would still drain by one-third. And let us not talk about how much the 4G data connection drains the battery.

No matter where you look there does not seem to be a detailed look at the EVO battery, this is not the same for the iPhone 4G. We recently wrote an article on its battery life thanks to some information from Apple. Standby time for the new iPhone is 300 hours, Wi-Fi usage offers 10 hours and 3G 6 hours. Audio playback is 40 hours and video 10 hours.

This does look like the iPhone 4 has much better battery performance than the HTC EVO 4G, but the real test comes on June 24.


  • Crystal

    Omg I had an HTC Evo and thought it was the best phone ever at first, didn't see issues w battery life in the beginning and bam, about 2-3 months later I'm charging 2x a day (only 1x a day before) n then 2 months later I'm charging it 4x a day. Not to mention sprint service still sucks n I have been w them for 6 years when they were really crappy then. I made the decision to cancel sprint in march 2011 n get an iPhone 4, I will never have another phone other than an iPhone. And I sold that POS Evo for $200 on craigslist to some dumb teen who had to have it LMAO!!!

  • tom abc

    I dont even understand why iphone lovers get so personal with their phones. If they love their iphone good for them, they seem to hate anybody that doesnt love the iphone. It is like Apple is paying them or something, its a phone, not a child. Android and iphone obviously suit to different people. To own and enjoy an android one has to be somewhat smarter cause there is a lot of possibilities and customizations available. If you like boxed simple stuff… just get an iphone.

  • jim cnon

    htc corp. does not want to acknowledge they are having problem with the battery issues……

  • iPhone user

    Also when you travel around citys you notice like every 4th person has an iPhone and I have only ever seen one person using an android device (and only to receive a phone call)(I saw it in seaward Alaska) it was the HTC EVO, so I decided to ask him if they liked the phone. He told me it was a great device but the battery life was horrible, he also told me that he saw his friend with an iPhone 4 so he decided to order one from apple with a new AT&T account (Wow!) and he was going to cancel his Version account!

    So where are all the android devices that are supposed to be outselling the iPhone?

    Overall android sucks and the only people who think otherwise are blinded by their hate of Apple.

  • iPhone user

    iPhone 4 is better

    And for all you android fanboys, you need to look at the numbers being posted by then cellular carriers,
    The iPhone has 32% of smartphone marketshare while all android phones have only 9%!!

    So stop saying that android is starting to outsell iPhone

    Also rim devices even out sell the iPhone at about 35% but thats because they are used for business

  • Tom M.

    one thing most people forget is that batteries wear out over time. so the first month you have your phone it's going to be the best you'll ever see. literally 6 months later, a noticeable difference…and a year? might as well replace your battery. the thing with the iPhone is that you CAN'T replace the battery. this is known as "planned obsolescence" and this is how Apple makes a LOT of it's money and repeat business. a great part of their business plan relies on this planned obsolescence. unremoveable batteries on mostly all devices except laptops (without of course voiding your warranty) and also no storage expansion slots. so they can make a 10, 20, and 30GB version. why would you ever need more than one ipod or iphone model otherwise? it's a gimmick and the next year when that doofus gets on stage and announces with a sh*t eating grin about how wonderful their brand new iphone is that it now has omg wait for it…wait for it… oh oooh ooooohhhh my godddd i'm going to oh oh oh !!!! epxlode with now TWICE THE STORAGE!!!! omg it's a scientific miracle! It's magical. it's an act of God. the power of Apple be with you! oh it completes my life!!! finally, meaning and purpose to my life!

    Oh, ok, I couldn't control myself there. Wow. Ok, so back to earth here. I am most definitely not a fan of devices with short battery life. I used to have a Samsung smart phone, I forget the model now, but holy crap it didn't last long at all and that was the only phone I literally did carry a spare battery. They were also like $10 off ebay. So do I mind that? Yes. But is it a dealbreaker? No. Because if you read carefully the iphone really doesn't have -that- much better battery life. It's just all within the "standby" thing/trick. I think a lot can be done with software to enhance battery life. I think tasks should be killed or managed better when the phone is idle, etc. Since the Android is backed on Linux, this type of management is actually very possible. Linux is one of the MOST efficient operating systems if used properly. Is it hardware then? Maybe…that too yea, but I also wouldn't be surprised if Google releases an update and magically you get a few hours more battery life one day.

    there was an update to my palm pre that did increase its battery life. again though, over a year later…that life has diminished. at least i can get a new battery with my pre and when i do get an EVO, i can at least replace the battery on that too and it won't cost as much as the phone itself. while there always is better, i do hope i can manage to hang on to the EVO for a good while and not have to be in this stupid upgrade every year circle.

    there's a lot to be said for being able to replace the battery on a device and most people just don't even think about doing so.

  • Skyfire

    One additional way to conserve battery life on the EVO, for those of you who consume a lot of video, is to download Skyfire for your video browsing. Due to our ability to transcode video into Html5, and do the heavy lifting/compression on our end, this can dramatically conserve battery when compared video consumption with other browsers and optimized mobile video.

  • love evo

    the battery life is fine if you make some well thought out adjustments. the initial evos were sent as if they were active newborns with all screaming high metabolisms – everything going. 4G, GPS, constant background monitoring of every app, faceboob, flickr, wifi scan, 4G scan, HTC sense contact integtration, weather, etc. i turn of background data and still use three email accounts including an active sync set at 15 minutes and it works fine. if you change all of this to reasonable settings then everything is fine. also many were shipped as auto searching for gsm networkds which clearly doesn't make sense. this kills battery for no reason. switch to cdma only save a ton. these were clearly mistakes or not well thought out by sprint or htc, but are still things that can be overcome so you can enjoy a great phone.

  • Meech

    Same here. I will admit my battery des not last as long as i would like but it is by no means as bad as i have seen some people report. 5.5 hours? Better check to see if its defective. My battery will last me at least 8 hours with heavy heavy use… i can barely put it down since i picked it up on launch day. I do have to charge at least once a day though… woukd rather go once every 2 days to charge. But just gotta get a better battery… where as with the iphone it cant be removed so if the battery sucks u are stuck.

  • mindful

    The life of the battery on my Evo is just fine. I don’t get what others are talking about and I use my phone all during the day constantly actually typing this comment from my Evo right now.

  • redman

    My Evo's battery drained after 5.5 hours yesterday after charging it fully with it off, today it died after about 4.5 hours, I'm not a heavy user at all, I make about 5-6 calls on it, browse the web for about .5-1 hour and the battery is still horrible. Also when I have 1/2 battery left and go to bed with all apps killed except the alarm it the battery is dead when i wake up 8 hours left, the alarm never goes off. Sad cause the phone is sweet!

    • Carmen

      I have the same issues that you have. I have to charge my battery about four times in a 24 hour period. Now that is ridiculous!! I just got the phone this past Wednesday from Best Buy. I think I'm going to take it back and get my BB back.

  • rookie

    can apple be beat…absolutely i dont like their way of locking down their devices…you get the phone and what they let you use. you should have to jailbreak a device to enjoy it.

  • ozzy

    lol, can apple be beat?, that shits funny, wheres the flash player?cant even send music files. state of the art my ar$e.

  • Drg

    You just learn the term ‘fanboy’ and felt compelled to use it? What was your point? The EVO is known to suck down battery and the iP 4 is supposed to improve on 3GS battery life. That is ALL the article says. Maybe you should just take a nap and unwind, and pick your whiny little over defensive spots better.

  • manuel

    more drooling apple fanboys…can apple EVER be beat?


    • Omid

      I got the EVO a couple of days ago. I cycled it properly at least 3 times (let it drain, the fully charged it when its off, etc.). and I've gotta say, I just don't see what other people are nagging about? mine has been going through the day with no problems (it has about 15-20 % left when I'm going to bed). and I'm using the phone quite a bit, so its not like it's IDLEing all day. it is WAY better than my iPhone 3G…my 3g would die by 7 Pm almost every day.


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