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HTC EVO 4G Problems: Graphics 30 FPS – Hardware or Software?

Some slightly worrying news for HTC EVO 4G owners on Sprint now, as we are hearing reports that the graphics on the device are capped at 30 FPS. Is this a big issue for you?

As reported from Engadget, users over at the XDA-Developers and Google Code forums are claiming that the EVO 4G is locked to FPS in both 2D (Canvas) and 3D (openGL) modes.

While you may think that this isn’t an issue while using, bear in mind that the HTC Hero can reach up to 54fps on average and reportedly has “smoother scrolling” than the HTC EVO.

Engadget point out that it is unlikely to be a hardware issue, which could mean that this is a firmware issue. If it is, then it can be fixed with a future update you would like to think.

No word from HTC regarding the matter yet. We’ll update you when we know more. In the meantime, give us your thoughts on this. Is 30 FPS a problem for you?



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