Google Home Page Background: Back To White

By Jamie Pert - Jun 11, 2010

After the backlash that proceeded after Google changed their trademark white background to something more ‘Bing-like,’ the search engine giants have now decided to default back to the plain look after their experiment did not go as planned.

I guess Google did not see it coming, but just hours after the G-team had rolled out the customizable background option horde’s of Internet bloggers and unsatisfied searchers took to the internet in rage and asked the question – “why has Google got a background image!?”

People even went as far as refusing to use the search engine in a bid for Google to remove the random background option, something they now seem to have done.

The option is still there though, so you can still choose a background image for Google, who were also branded as trying to copy Microsoft’s search engine ‘Bing,’ which is third on the list of most popular search engines.

I honestly cannot see what all the fuss is about, but what do you think?

Source: PCWorld

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