Google Home Page Background: Back To White

By Jamie Pert - Jun 11, 2010

After the backlash that proceeded after Google changed their trademark white background to something more ‘Bing-like,’ the search engine giants have now decided to default back to the plain look after their experiment did not go as planned.

I guess Google did not see it coming, but just hours after the G-team had rolled out the customizable background option horde’s of Internet bloggers and unsatisfied searchers took to the internet in rage and asked the question – “why has Google got a background image!?”

People even went as far as refusing to use the search engine in a bid for Google to remove the random background option, something they now seem to have done.

The option is still there though, so you can still choose a background image for Google, who were also branded as trying to copy Microsoft’s search engine ‘Bing,’ which is third on the list of most popular search engines.

I honestly cannot see what all the fuss is about, but what do you think?

Source: PCWorld

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  • brian t raven

    Google should have a "No Clutter" page that shows only the search box and a link to a "Customize Your Clutter" page.
    Some people like me want absolutely zero clutter. Others, who like the hyperclutter of a Yahoo home page, would have the option of creating a custom clutter scene that would make their socks roll up and down with joy.
    If Google wants brand loyalty, that's all they have to do. And, oh yes, keep making the search engine better. Andy Grove is right – it's best to hear footsteps – because they ARE gaining on you.

  • woodkat

    Awful idea- yet more clutter on the PC! I love the clean lines of the original Google and commend them for listening to the users' opinions and swifly reverting. Thanks, Google!!

  • I HATED the picture background, and was very pleased to see the peaceful blank page back again. Very glad that Google listened to us.

  • canoebrain

    I was really frustrated with the background image, and admittedly, one of those users who made the remove-background-from-Google-search rank so high… but, I was annoyed for reasons other than just the image.

    I actually kind-of liked the image.

    Admittedly, at first, I was shocked to see the standard white page gone, but when I saw the option to choose my own background I was intrigued… Of course, I was supremely disappointed when I realized that I had to log in to my google account to change it.

    I did, however, log in and pick a custom background, but as soon as I logged out it was gone – which makes sense of course – but I figured Google wouldn't offer something like this and make it mandatory to log in to use it… I don't know, I thought because I was using Chrome they might have built something in instead of just using a cookie… this is when I got a little annoyed.

    I got really annoyed when I searched everywhere for an option to remove the background image… there wasn't one. I don't care what anyone from Google says, there was no way for me to turn that image off.

    That really annoyed me. I have high-speed internet here in the office, but at home I'm forced to use one of those stupid USB internet sticks. I live in a rural area and my house is surrounded by trees… there is no landline high-speed internet, I can't get regular wireless because of all the trees, and those USB sticks really do suck out there. I would have been paying for each and everyone of those images to load into my browser with time and actual money (I can't imagine how slowly that page would have loaded at home)…

    What really irked me yesterday was that I couldn't turn the feature off (the default should never be "on", and you should be able to turn it off… c'mon Google, you guys should really know about usability) and that the only way to actually use the feature if you wanted to, was to log in to your Google account (really? Google – you guys seriously think I'm going to log in to my gmail every time I want to search the net for something?)

    I think the background image was pretty cool, but I think Google really mucked up how they applied it.