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ESPN Mobile TV: World Cup 2010 Soccer Coverage

The World Cup 2010 is well underway and if you are not near a TV then there are a number of ways where you can keep up with all the events. One of the best ways to view matches if you are on the move is either with FLO TV – more information here – or ESPN Mobile TV.

The service will allow you to watch the 2010 World Cup live as it happens, you can even use this service to get all the latest news – or you can choose to use the ESPN iPhone app, which we reported in a recent post. This does show that if you want to get the best from the 2010 World Cup, then ESPN offers the best service.

Some of the key features to ESPN Mobile TV include: Live TV that is optimized for your smartphone, up to the minute news and so much more. ESPN is not the only ones to offer this kind of service, we mentioned FLO TV above, but there are so many more.

To get access to ESPN Mobile TV you will need to pay a monthly fee, more information on this can be found on their website.


  • Eddie

    Well, I just payed for the service and the cut off 30 Min France Vs Mexico to play a golf tournament… I should new about this before….!!!


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