Chocolate Toddler Formula Pulled: Uproar over childhood obesity

Parent who have given their children Mead Johnson’s Enfagrow Premium are not happy that this toddler drink is made up of mostly milk and sugar, nutritionists have caused an uproar by claims that this could cause childhood obesity. This certainly goes against the health claims that Mead Johnson’s have made.

The company maintains that Enfagrow Premium contains ingredients that help to boast brain development, growth and immunity for children. However, it is this extra sugar that has both parents and nutritionists worried the most. Susan Donaldson James has written an article on WHAS11, saying that the makers of this formula have now pulled the chocolate-flavored version off the shelves.

The company has not been put off by this and will still sell the vanilla-flavored Enfagrow; this has 16 to 17 grams, instead of the 19 grams with the chocolate version. There are another three flavors, these only have 10 to 11 grams of sugar – ideal for those fussy eaters out there.

The supplement costs $18.99 for 29 ounces, which only offers 22 servings. However, when you break this down it only works out at $0.85 per glass. Many believe that the product is not necessary, what do you think?



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