Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Update: Download and Full Feature List

By Alan Ng - Jun 11, 2010

We have some good news for computer owners now, as we pleased to confirm that Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is finally available to download now – adding a lot more improvements and providing a speed boost when browsing Flash content.

As reported from BGR, the download is now live on Adobe’s website here, for Windows and Mac users. One of the confirmed features within the new player is hardware acceleration for H.264 video, although this feature is only enabled for Windows users at the moment.

The download shouldn’t take too long and weighs in at 7.44MB. There are all sorts of new features to play around with on the Flash Player 10.1. You are best visiting Adobe’s support website here for a full list of features.

Let us know if the download isn’t working for you. Enjoy.

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  • Pammy

    If anyone can give me any info about this problem please email me at:

  • Pammy

    I am going mad! 4 days now ive tried to download and install Flash player 10 without success! I cannot watch youtube videos as it says I need fp 10. I have tried and tried to delete Adobe reader 8 as I think this maybe interfering, but it wont let me – it comes up with the message ' Error 20'. I do not have an older version of FP only the reader. How can I instll this please?????

  • mosa

    Enter text right here!i i need on ok?

  • Ray Toledo

    Unable to download flash player

    • ala eldeen

      you have to try many times ,it is not that so easy.never heard about the old saying :no sweet without fire, don’t give up ,me my self i have tried tenth times ,dozen of times losing no hope that in one right trail i willl get it ,it had happend ,finaly my effort end with joyiful vectory.