WoW Cataclysm: Druid, Rogue, Priest and Shaman Talent Tree Previews

By Jamie Pert - Jun 10, 2010

More World of Warcraft news for you now, and this time the news comes straight from Blizzard instead of all those data miners out there, especially MMO-Champion who revealed early sneak previews of the talent tree’s for Cataclysm last month.

After the initial leak of early talent tree’s, Blizzard requested that the websites that were taking part in sharing the information, took it down. But as Cataclysm draws closer, Blizzard have decided to give us a sneak preview of what to expect from four different classes and their respective talent tree’s. Rogues [Assassination] [Combat] [Subtlety], Druids [Balance] [Feral] [Restoration], Shamans [Elemental] [Enhancement] [Restoration] and Priests [Discipline] [Holy] [Shadow].

Among the talents for each class, we see that Rogues get a new ability called Vendetta, Druid cats get Nom Nom Nom, although this is not the final name for the talent, Shaman get Wrathful Totems, which is also not the final name, and Priests get Chakra.

So, who want’s the talent name to stay as Nom Nom Nom? I know I do!

Source: WoW

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