Remove Google Background: Homescreen Haters

Earlier on, we informed you about the news that Google has added custom background themes as a default option when browsing their website. It seems like a lot of you don’t like the idea of changing the original. Why?

As we also mentioned earlier, backgrounds can simply be removed by heading to the bottom-left hand side of the website. However, as we’ve now realised – it seems like you can’t go back to the original white one, but rather only select another theme for the time being.

Google obviously has this on automatic until the rest of the day, so why not just choose another background which you feel is more suitable – it’s hardly the end of the world is it?

If you really are missing the original white look so much, you can head into paint and create a white canvas and upload it onto Google Backgrounds for a temporary solution.

However, I don’t see what all the commotion is about. Are you a lover or a fighter?



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