New O2 Data Plans Include iPhone 4: Limited To 1GB Data

By Jamie Pert - Jun 10, 2010

O2 customers who have been waiting to find out exactly how much they would have to pay for the handset today finally got the information they wanted, when O2 announced their pay monthly and pay as you go deals. But it seems that the packages that include the unlimited data option are not entirely unlimited.

The UK network seem to be following in AT&T’s footsteps by removing the unlimited data tariff, and are replacing it with a cap of 1GB of data, unless you purchase additional ‘bolt-ons.’

From June 24th, O2 will roll out an entire new tier of inclusive data tariffs – 500MB, 750MB or 1GB which come together with additional ‘bolt-on’ packages of 500MB for £5 or an extra 1GB for £10.

New and upgrading customers will infact still get unlimited data plans until 1st October 2010, but there on after, they will be required to transfer to one of the newly rolled out data plans listed above.

Undoubtedly, it seems as though the release of the new iPhone has brought about this change, with network providers and carriers feeling uneasy about the ‘fair usage policy’ that was originally put into place. One example would be the increased numbers of people accessing full websites and streaming more media than any time before.

How do you feel about the data cap? I know a lot of people will be unsatisfied with this change, so have your say.

Source: SlashGear

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