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New iPhone 4 Upgrade: O2 offer discounts

We have some good news for customers on O2 in the UK, as the carrier has announced that they will be offering early upgrades, as well as a small discount for those wanting to switch to the new iPhone 4.

As reported from Engadget, O2 will allow customers to ‘pay off’ the remainder of their current contract at a lower price than normal. Usually, you would have to pay off the full amount each month depending on your tariff, but O2 will be charging you just £20 per month to do so.

This is obviously good news for those of you on £40+ tariffs per month, so it means that you’ll be able to jump into a new contract for the iPhone 4 soon as it lands on June 24th. However, we still don’t know UK prices for the handset – so it is probably worth holding off a while until pricing is announced.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Will you be paying off your contract on O2 or not?


  • martyn

    im thinking about the offer and selling my current iphone 3gs 16gig on ebay, i should get 200 for that easy! i have 12 months left which works out to £240. so if i get what i want for my iphone ill only have to pay £40 plus the cost of the new iphone 4 which will probebly be £50. dont sound to bad!! what do you think?

  • Moon Cakes

    my o2 contract expires in september. Is it worth me waiting until then? What i wanted to know is, as a 02 customer looking to leave, would the company be able to offer me a deal? Or are theylimited by apples restrictions? If not, i was thinking of letting my 02 expire in september and beting the iphone on a different provider in june.

  • dave

    My current tariff is only £15 per month so it's no great deal for me.
    I must have not understood the offer. If I pay the remainder of my contract off then that's £150. So O2 want me to pay £150 AND ALSO PAY FOR A NEW PHONE???? NO DEAL!

  • will wait for contract to finish
    not so desperate about new iphone
    at the end i just use mobile to make and receive calls n text
    any damp mobile will do

  • No. I was on the 18 month iphone contract. Then the iphone simplicity. I lost my iphone on Monday 24th May. 02 Insure are saying there do not have any 8GB in stock. I have been waiting for almost 3 weeks.. PLUS. I have to keep ringing them to get updates. No-one has rang me. 02 are a joke. I will be buying the new iphone 4, but will certainly be exploring other networks. I will be changing to PAYG before my monthly PM date. So, everyone check around for all the networks offering the iphone 4.

  • Harry Hall

    That is ridiculous! That is a pretty unhelpful deal to be honest. At&t in America are allowing customers who's contract ends any time in 2010 to get the new iphone 4 at contract price on the day if they start another two year contract which i think i great. I would not be put off by having to lock in to another two year contract because if next year apple release another version of the iphone i'm sure there will be a similar offer. This deal from o2 really does not help atall. Even if you took out the minimum 18month 3gs contract on the day it cam out last year (for arguements sake lets say its was the 24th June too) you will still have 6 months of £20 so £120 to pay off on top of the price of buying the new phone plus your new contract payments. And for those of us like myself who got their contracts late then getting the new iphone really isn't going to happen any time soon. I am no mobile phone tariff expert but i see no reason why they cannot just offer the opportunity to effectively end your old contract whenever it may finish as long as you start another contract of the same length with your iphone 4?? This has now left me wanting my contract to expire so i can leave o2 for another provider instead of excitement for the new phone!


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