New iPhone 4: Official Pay As You Go and Monthly Tariffs

By Gary Johnson - Jun 10, 2010

Since we had the official announcement for Apple’s new iPhone 4 back on Monday, we have been wondering what sort of price customers would have to pay to use the phone on both sides of the Atlantic. Now in the U.K. 02 have announced their price plans for the handset.

Thanks to an official page from 02’s own website we can confirm what customers will be paying for monthly plans, and pay as you go deals. Thirty pounds a month and a two year contract will get you 300 minutes, unlimited texts, and 500MB of data.

Their cheapest deal is again based on a 24 month contract, which will have 100 minutes of talk time, unlimited texts, and 500MB of data.

Current pay as you go customers will have to transfer their number over to a new micro sim. For customers topping up with £30 pounds or more a month will have unlimited texts and 500MB of internet. So far no figures have been given on how much the iPhone 4 will cost on each individual plan.

For all the different price plans head over to the 02 website.

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  • ryan

    I want a iphone so bad cant wait to get one iam working to get one.

  • anonymous

    i've not got it yet but i cant wait til i have

  • UK’s Tele Coms not keeping pace with demand

    I appreciate that O2 is at least being honest informing its customers. Yet this does not get away from the fact that the telecommunications Companies in the UK are not keeping pace with the huge increased demand for legitimate downloaded products.

    Meanwhile the OFT Office of Fair Trading should halt the miss selling of Broadband by many ISP's falsely stating unlimited usage when in fact they are not. Businesses are being seriously affected by the restrictions placed on ‘Legitimate Downloads’ of both music and Movies due to low Gig caps. All this at time when new products, which keep markets flowing, are being seriously affected.

    The UK Government meanwhile is seeking to criminalize all Net users to gain revenue by the introduction of new Laws. See here for details:

    Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk