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New Apple iPhone 4: Drop Test Smashes Impressive Display

Are you thinking of purchasing the iPhone 4? Well you may want to have a rethink if you work in a physical job as it seems as if the impressive smartphone may not be the most robust smartphone out there.

This became apparent when iFixyouri put the iPhone 4 through their drop test, this test involved dropping the iPhone 4 from 3.5 feet, it survived two drops, however on the third drop the iPhone’s glass panel shattered.

It has to be said that the iPhone 4 they were dropping was a a shell with no internal components, which means that it could well be an early prototype, which isn’t as robust as Apple final version.

iFixyouri are critical of the iPhone 4’s fragile design, however I am going to hold my judgment until the final release of the iPhone is tested.

Will this put you off buying an iPhone 4?

Source: SlashGear



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