Missing Applications on Android Market: Google Addresses The Issue

By Jamie Pert - Jun 9, 2011

An “annoying and ongoing issue,” is what one Android developer used to describe the frequent disappearance of Android applications on the Android Market, after Google said that they had released a patch which solved the problem.

The issue became apparent when on June 3, 2010, an Android developer called Alex Sagrebin posted on the Android Market Help Forum, saying that he had uploaded and updated his People/Contacts widget, but users who were using the Motorola Milestone and the HTC Legend could not see it on the Android Market.

This quickly sparked off numerous developers to say the same thing – that their applications had gone missing on smartphones based on version 2.0 and 2.1 of the Android OS. This included social-networking check-in application Foursquare and approx 10 others.

It took until Tuesday, June 9 for Google to reply to the numerous comments about the issue, and said that they were finally working on the problem. Later, they released a blog post in which they said that the problem had been resolved with a patch. The reason for the applications disappearance? Google did not mention.

This issue seems to have angered plenty of Android developers, who have lost revenue due to the numerous disappearing apps. Question is, have Google really fixed it? Will it happen again? Did it happen to you?

Source: PC World

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  • GerryD

    Aaah Google. 'Do No Evil' is not equal to do nothing and hope the problem goes away

  • Nick

    This happened to me recently on my nexus one. There are various apps i cant find on the market including PayPal, Heavy gunner 3D, HiFI recorder, bTunes

  • SK09

    I had published an app from India but i can't find it anywhere on Market. Though i still see the app on unofficial Android websites.

    I have gone through the post on Android Market but can't find a solution for it.

    Please help

  • Mark Twain

    2 more days, and still apps are mysteriously missing after an "update". What's up with this Google? At least tell us (both developers *and* users) what is going on please.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, this issue is far from resolved, I suggest you get your journalists to keep an eye on this forum

    Every week more problems, developers are losing lots of money

    Requests for a personal response from Google ultimately result in a 'canned response' that appears to be the result of 'cut n paste'