iPhone 4 India‎: Vodafone release date to be confirmed

By Gary Johnson - Jun 10, 2010

With the news a few days ago that people in the UK, US, Japan, France and Germany would be getting their hands on Apple’s new iPhone 4 later this month, people in India were wondering if they would be ever getting the device. Now the worrying is over.

The news staff over at Techtree.com are reporting that Vodafone have confirmed they will be making the iPhone 4 available for customers. It has only been a couple of months since the iPhone 3GS was first introduced to users in India and made people wonder if a new model anytime soon would be unlikely.

Apple has since halted sales of the iPhone 3G, which looks like it is to make way for the latest version of the handset. The confirmation from Vodafone didn’t specify an exact date of any launch but said the iPhone 4 will be coming to India “in the coming months”. This is likely to take place around September when over 80 countries receive the iPhone 4.

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