iPhone 4: Facetime and Skype? – Wait and See

By Alan Ng - Jun 10, 2010

Following on from the unveiling of Apple’s new Facetime service on the iPhone 4 handset, it has been reported that a number of major online chat providers are interested in the new open-standard technology, but none are yet to commit to using it within their own services yet.

As reported from Apple Insider, Skype has been confirmed as one of the services which may use Facetime in the future – although the company are keen to see how the technology develops first before making any decisions on it.

A spokesperson for Skype had this this to say on Apple’s new video chat service: “Just to be clear, we are not considering FaceTime as a technological platform for video calling in our own products. Based on Apple’s statement about FaceTime being open platform, we are looking forward to see how this process unfolds.”

Don’t forget that Skype and Apple already work together for the mobile version of the Skype app, so it seems that there is no rush to get the ball rolling with Facetime yet.

We can’t wait until June 24th to see what you guys think of the new service. Would you like to see Facetime integrated into Skype or not?

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  • Jamie

    HELL YES!!!!!!! Skype isn't the same without facetime it's juz like all the other instant messaging systems without facetime 😛

  • taylor

    It is needed for facetime to be used with skype

  • sam

    i have used face time with my 3g network i love it

  • wacky wall walker

    dumb question. answer is clearly yes

  • Hayjak

    Yes, I don’t know anyone with an iPhone 4 so I haven’t used FaceTime yet.

  • Josh

    yes, obviously it will be more useful than waiting around for all your friends to buy an IP4 just to use it.

  • Terry J


  • Olviier L

    I would love to see Skype integrated natively in the iOS. So you can call Skype Contacts with Live Video using FaceTime.

  • Carlos

    Hell yeah