Halo 3: Outsold Uncharted 2 and God of War III combined

You can always bet on Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg to get things heated up between his company and Sony, right before the start of the biggest event in the gaming calendar.

As reported from VG247, Greenberg has posted an update on Twitter, revealing that Halo 3 has outsold big name PS3 exclusives Killzone 2, both Uncharted games, both Resistance games and God of War III COMBINED.

The figures have come from the NPD apparently, although exact numbers are unknown at the moment. Everyone knows Halo 3 sold millions of copies, but did anyone expect this?

It is quite impressive you have to say, especially considering the fact that Uncharted 2 is on there – one of Sony’s biggest selling games on the PS3.

We’re sure you have something to say on this. You can read his Twitter update here.


  • Alex update

    That's waht happens when you can make 1 good game like Halo, it sells better than several rubbish games the other system has

  • Alex

    That's what happens when you only have 1 good game on a system. It sells much better than all of the awesome games the other system has.

  • Mark

    However rather embarrassing for Aaron Greenberg is that every single PS3 game he mentioned is BETTER than the Halo franchise.

    All he has managed to do, is highlight how brainwashed American gamers are, and how quality and sales figures are totally unconnected.

    Not contempt with hightlighting the stupidity of his followers, he goes one further by using ONLY NPD data, which only tracks US sales, which conviently for him, is the only region where the Xbox brand is strongest and the PS3 brand the weakest. Had he looked at global numbers it would have painted a very different picture.

    Any sane person will look upon Greenberg's crap talking with the laughable contempt it deserves.


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