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Google Nexus One: Android 2.2 Froyo – Release Date Update

We have an update for Nexus One owners now who are patiently waiting for the ‘official’ update to Android 2.2 Froyo, as Google has issued a fresh statement, reminding the community that it is on the way soon.

As reported from Phandroid, the handset has yet to receive the official update to Froyo, despite a collection of Nexus One owners already running the latest version on their handsets. This is due to a leaked file which became available to download early – before Google yanked it from their servers soon after.

However, here is the latest word from Google regarding the update: ”We are not intentionally holding back on Froyo, just improving the overall experience and quality.I don’t have an exact date to share yet, but we are striving hard to OTA it ASAP.”

While there is no word on an estimated release, I’m sure users will appreciate the update from Google. Hopefully it won’t be too long until the Nexus One gets Froyo for real. Let us know your thoughts on this.


  • paz

    Get a life you lot its a phone, that’s all

  • Sami

    I’m a desire-user and waiting for the new update. An official release date was not announced but people was talking about the end of the juni. It has not appeared yet. So it is a little boring. Google has to hurry with the update before people start to lose their interest on it.

  • DLS

    I'm a fan of the Nexus One… switched to it from my iPhone and have not regretted a thing. However, I find it a bit disconcerting that Google would demo Andrioid 2.2 in mid May and state that the update would be coming in the next couple of weeks… Here it is a month later, and they still have not gotten it out officially. To Apple's credit, they anounced the iOS 4 and have released it on time…. then again time will only tell if it is stable or not. My real issue is the lack of information coming from Google. If they were not ready back at Google I/O… they should not have said it would be released in a couple of weeks… and more importantly they should have kept the consumer informed when they did not meet thier intended timeline.

  • romi

    i been hearin this for more then two months now..soon,soon soon but no date..just release it god damned and get it over with!

  • massed

    Relax people it will be worth the wait anyone who think they have the real froyo is sadly mistaken if the final version was out it wouldn't be taking this long for the release date, don't port just wait.

  • Dr.Phill

    Try figuring out a actual date ur going to update instead of telling a bunch of lies by saying froyo’s coming soon …and that was like a month ago….seriously get it together

  • clubs07

    you don't need to root your N1 to be able to use the leaked version. I'm running the leaked 2.2 Froyo on a locked bootloader. (the leaked version is google signed therefore does not require the bootloader to be unlocked)

  • Shaky

    ill be swapping my droid for a iphone "soon"

    • rafael

      Good luck with your child choice, nobody is holding from getting an iphone go kiss steve's foot you baby.

  • George Orwell

    They should have released as soon as it was announced. Then, if you want to root your phone to get it right away, you void your warranty. I'm not doing that considering that my screen went bad on my N1 and it would have cost me at least $150 to pay for that myself. Come on Google, cut the crap and release it. You're almost as bad as the iPhone releasing cut and paste. Hm, that was a joke.

  • dan

    Man, why can't they release a real release date so we know a firm idea of whether this will be weeks or several months down the road? You hear few complaints about the current releases of froyo from media and they love to complain, so what's the issue here?

    • tehek

      it seems you are not familiar with software world. Systems like Android need rigorous testimg which takes a lot of time. Its better to wait for a complete product rather than get something raw and keep receiving updates and patches.

      • Dr.Phill

        Yea that’s y 45 year old hackers probley living with their mom’s copied the exact froyo and put it on the web…explain the testing on that

  • Green

    I really think that Google is waiting for the new iPhone to be released because they want to keep the update news alive so people don’t just focus on Steves new phone it makes sense to me atleast this is all part of there plans its like we are little kids on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to bring our best toy but only time will tell but I am almost certain that’s the case but I could be wrong!

    • Rakesh Chaudhary

      I am agree with you. It's full chance that google is playing this game.

  • aravind

    I hope it will be worth the wait.

  • Nexus101

    Indeed, get tired of hearing "soon" it begins to mean nothing after it's used to much.

  • shequann

    goole shouldnt of said it will be here in a few weeks then if i was going to take longer. other independant devs have already built stable froyo OS whats the issue with googles official one!!!

    • Dr.Phill

      Trust me I no how you feel been listening to this crap from google for a while they jst need to go ahead and update all androids and get it over with

      • Wesley

        I Agree I Was Told The Update Was Coming Soon In The Start Of May It Is Now June 19th But How Soon Is Soon LOL! Tired Of Waiting Now Better Phones Will Be Out Soon……………….


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