Google Background Themes: Automatic Homepage for 24 Hours

By Alan Ng - Jun 10, 2010

When was the last time you conducted a search on Google? If you head to their page now, you’ll see that the company has automatically turned on background themes as a default choice.

Don’t worry, they are automatic for a while only and will return back to an optional choice after 24 hours according to Google. The move is an attempt to draw attention to their background features, as many users may not know that there is an option to change the background from that plain white one.

If you head to the page in the bottom left-hand corner, you’ll see that there is a wide variety of backgrounds to choose from – which one do you like best?

I have to say I had no idea about Google Backgrounds. It definitely adds a bit of life into the Google homepage anyway. Do you prefer custom background themes or not?


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  • Marcus

    The best thing about Google is simplicity, speed, and cleanliness. Images deteriorate each of these goals.

  • Robert

    I use Google because I hate all the distracting crap on other search giants pages. Keep it simple.

  • Holly

    I love them!!

  • The Moose is Loose

    Very annoying…the beauty of Google is the simplicity of the homepage. Bad move folks!

  • Shar

    I hate it. Put it back to plain white background. It is annoying and distracting.

  • mas

    Google is obviously feeling the pressure from Bing.
    Too bad, because I relied on a no-frills search page to keep me focused on what I set out to search for, instead of thinking how nifty a South American tree frog looks.

  • Simon

    not good. slow 's page load down and computer struggles to play transition on a 1600×1200 display.

  • Diana

    I don't like them either. I work on my computer… not play!

  • wing

    man, google and there constant changing backgrounds are attention whores….

    it's annoying

  • WTF?

    If i wanted a background with pretty pictures id use bing, i use google for its minimalistic nature, thanks but no thanks.

  • John

    Yes me too, hate it. I've gone right off google ever since they started doing that stupid fade-in menu thing. Gimics for the sake of gimics.

  • 12321

    I hate them, I'll be using Yahoo or Bing for at least the next 24 hrs!

    • Changeitbackplease

      HATE THEM!!!! If I wanted to use a busy background..I'd use Bing or Yahoo.
      Please~ BRING BACK THE WHITE SPACE!!! Don't mess with what is best about Google: Simplicity and Results –