Elvis and Mr. Potato Head Confirmed

Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. has confirmed that they have signed a new deal with toy makers PPW Toys and Hasbro Inc. to offer two versions of Mr. Potato head. These collectibles will be great fun for kids but its target market will be adult Elvis collectors.

According to CBC News, the first will be launched in August – just in time for a number of planned events for Elvis Tribute Week. That first Mr. Potato head will see the figure in the famous white jumpsuit; the included accessories will be a guitar and microphone.

The second version will be launched just in time for the holiday season and will feature the toy in a black leather suit – just like the one that Elvis wore in his 1968 Comeback Special. Both Elvis versions of Mr. Potato head will retail for $20.

It is thought that these limited editions of the popular Childs toy will help increase sales with the adult market. The toy itself has seen something of a new appeal thanks to the hit movie franchise Toy Story.


  • sylvi kargl gowski

    Eventhough I was told not to play with food, my brother and I went through a few mr. potatoheads kits. I guess it may have been invented in celebration or honor of the end of the great potato famine, but playing with a real potato made me feel as though it was not a good idea to play with the potato [a mixed message]. Are the new Mr. Potatoheads including a faux potato for child safety and to eliminate the case of the missing potato, which may maybe be found rotted somewhere around the house sometime later on?
    Yeah for the potato/potatoes!!!

    great potato famine



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