Back to the Future: New Game Coming Soon From Telltale & Universal

This is heavy! Coming straight from Marty’s mouth, we have some news for all you Back to the Future fans out there. Your favorite 80’s film that involved a mad scientist and a kid wearing a life-jacket who traveled through time at 88MPH is about to be made into a computer game.

Telltale Games, the company who also recently took the Monkey Island series on board have signed a deal with Universal that gives them the right to take two classic movie franchises, and turn them into games. The other being Jurassic Park.

Just like Monkey Island, it seems as though BTTF will be released in episodic form. Meaning we will receive and be able to download a different episode every month or so.

What I really hoping for here, is that they get it right. They have to at least try and create the magic that was in the films. Remember, Hoverboards do not work on water, you can’t time travel unless you have the flux capacitor, and Marty is not a chicken.

Finally, a Back to the Future game that could have potential. How do you think Telltale will do with the release? What are your thoughts?

Source: EscapistMagazine


  • nate

    I wouldn't like a purely episodic game, but rather a game where I could explore all of Hill Valley: past, present, future and all alternate realities. I definitely want to see a wonderful Back to the Future game become playable. It is my favorite movie of all time!! I hope the game doesn't suck, whatever it turns out to be.


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