Apple Safari 5 vs. Google Chrome: Benchmarks Prove Chrome is Faster

By Jamie Pert - Jun 10, 2010

Recently Apple released Apple Safari 5, this new version of their popular web browser sounded pretty promising as it is faster than previous versions and there is now support for extensions.

Apple claim Safari 5 is fastest web browser available, faster than Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, however a recent article posted on Reuters seems to refute these claims.

Their article (seen here) has grouped together some bloggers opinions, and it seems as if Apple’s claims are not at all true. Various benchmarks have proven this, in Mozilla’s Dromaeo JavaScript performance test Google Chrome was 2.27 times faster than Safari 5.

Just because Safari 5 is not as fast as Chrome it doesn’t make it a bad web browser, but stating that it is the world’s fastest web browser is a lie, check out the source link below for further details.

Source: Reuters

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  • I prefer Chrome, its safer and easier to use. visit 2ezasia website.

  • san

    chrome is the best browser than opera,firefox(it sucks really),and ie(obviously!)

  • MacUser

    wow thx was looking for info on best browser for macbook and after all that and no solid data I think I'll stick with Safari 5.0 (had no probs with it & now don't even know what I was looking for in first place) thx for saving me some time ;D

  • todaline

    @dodge, sell your Mac and buy a PC. See? Easy solution. You guys seem to forget that you don't have to buy Mac as there are tons of Windows powered brands out there who could satisfy your needs. Me? Running both PC and Mac since the 80's side by side (Mac about 90% of the time) and happy with my choice(s), although I'm dumping the PC altogether. They're both good computers. I see it as being married to a wonderful woman (Mac) while dating a girl that's good at things my wife won't do. There you go.

    • Segedunum

      Glad to see you have veered to Mac by dumping PC.
      I have one or two PC applications that I need to run on my iMac under Windows, and I am always frustrated by the 'clunky' old feeling on Windows after using Mac for 95% of the time.
      Also I hate the dreaded 'blue screen' of doom and rebooting, where Mac nearly always recovers by at most using 'Forced Quit'.
      Of the 3 main browsers for Mac, Chrome is memory and processor heavy, and does not have all the extensions I want, Firefox does all I want, and Safari just makes me feel uneasy. As for speed, whatever benchmarks say, it is how fast a site downloads that is the critical factor, not the browser speed – in practice there is little difference on the screen.

      I will stick to Mac and Firefox for my needs (with iMac/Windows for very occasional use).

      • jesse

        try ubuntu

  • dodge

    safari 5 is CRAP! It will not 'see' embedded players for one! I run the earlier version on my powerbook G4 and there are no problems . . .maybe Mr paranoid is too busy trying to cut out adobe that he forgot one basic thing . . . the customers still want to see content!!!!!!!
    Apple sucks . . . .saying through gritted teeth after spending circa £4k on new mac and software upgrades that don't work properly!!!!!!

  • scrabbledeggs

    Show me benchmarks. Actual numbers. This is all talk. And thank you to Loptimist: you're right, a single test does not a title make. Chrome eats memory. Case closed.

  • I don't like to make fun of things, but it doesn't give any objectiveness, while you use Google Buzz in your site and write about how false Apple is in case of Safari. I'm not saying that Google doesn't deserve any respect, but come on.

  • Miller

    I have been a loyal Chrome user since it was first introduced, but following the last update, I noticed a huge jump in process usage, and a major bleed in memory usage over periods greater than thirty minutes. Then there was the development of an annoying lag when I entered text into fields, like making comments on Facebook. I ended up demoting Chome, and going back to Firefox. It has been a solid workhorse for years, and there was really nothing wrong with it in the first place. I have dabbled with Safari 5, and as far as I can tell, it is the fastest browser I have ever used, even on my dinosaur XP desktop (Pentium 4, 1 gig memory). It does have a major memory bleed drawback as well, but that may just be my older machine more than the browser itself.

  • Loptimist

    you guys sound very uninformed.

    In Dromaeo benchmark, there is one test that Chrome perform a lot better than Safari, by more than 100 times.

    Something to do with doing same Regex search multiple times.
    Safari is not using cache for that whereas Chrome does.

    Besides that single test, Safari performs better than Safari and that is proved in SunSpider, which is more reliable.

  • Am I the only one annoyed at the fact that 99% of browser reviews and comparison place so much weight on speed?

    Frankly, I could browse all day on Firefox, Opera, Chrome, of Safari and probably not seriously notice a difference if I wasn't looking for it.

    We're paying a heavy price for these browsers lately with all the pre-fetching, caching, and other things they do. I would much rather see these browsers buckle down, reduce memory consumption and cpu cycles, and spend more time creating or improving features that make me more productive.

    Safari's new reading mode and rss functions are good examples. I could care less how much faster it is. I wasn't complaining about that in the first place!

    Chrome eats more memory than any of my browsers which is why I'm considering demoting it from my default browser status.

  • aananananan

    a pc could be a different story, but safari 4 is faster (by far, no comparison) than firefox and chrome on my snow leopard macbook

    and safari 5 is even faster, so what does being faster mean if your already the fastest?

  • g jeremiah

    I have downloaded Safari 5 and can no longer access banking on line. What use is that?

    • Pike

      I have the same problem. Have you heard of any solutions to the Safari 5 banking on line problem?