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Apple Safari 5 vs. Google Chrome: Benchmarks Prove Chrome is Faster

Recently Apple released Apple Safari 5, this new version of their popular web browser sounded pretty promising as it is faster than previous versions and there is now support for extensions.

Apple claim Safari 5 is fastest web browser available, faster than Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, however a recent article posted on Reuters seems to refute these claims.

Their article (seen here) has grouped together some bloggers opinions, and it seems as if Apple’s claims are not at all true. Various benchmarks have proven this, in Mozilla’s Dromaeo JavaScript performance test Google Chrome was 2.27 times faster than Safari 5.

Just because Safari 5 is not as fast as Chrome it doesn’t make it a bad web browser, but stating that it is the world’s fastest web browser is a lie, check out the source link below for further details.

Source: Reuters



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