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Apple iPhone 4: Coming to Three UK on Release Date

If you are a Three UK customer you may have frustrated that the carrier have never offered an Apple iPhone, however this is all about to change as we are hearing that the Apple iPhone 4 will soon be coming to the UK carrier.

It is thought that Three will begin offering the iPhone 4 from June 24th, I am a Three customer, however I have just upgraded to the BlackBerry Bold 9700, therefore I am extremely frustrated by this news, however my partner is over the moon as she is due an upgrade pretty soon.

If you are interested in the Three-branded iPhone 4 you can register for updates here, it will be interesting to see which UK carrier is the most popular iPhone 4 carrier as we have heard that O2, Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile UK will all be offering the handset.

Source: Three


  • I think this is long overdue. Three has the best 3g network by far and it's been a crying shame that iPhone hasn't been available on their network.


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