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World Cup 2010 live mobile streaming via ITV app

Friday will be the start of the 2010 World Cup and you will be able to catch the opening ceremony on ITV as well as watch a host of matches on the TV channel. However, for those wanting more then ITV is to offer their-own iPhone app, which will be available shortly before the biggest sporting event in the world begins.

According to Luke Johnson from T3, ITV will stream content to the iPhone on matches as they happen – well apart from those shown on the BBC. The idea of World Cup 2010 live content streaming to your iPhone will make you glad you have an Apple smartphone in your pocket.

The app will be free to download, but you will have to put up with a few ads as a way to fund the application. ITV is working with Red Bee Media to make all the World Cup content available to your iPhone and can be accessed via Wi-Fi or 3G.

The first match to be streamed live to your iPhone will be between South Africa and Mexico, this Friday at 3pm GMT. Keep searching on the App Store to see when the ITV application will be made available.


  • by Kauaiday

    Keep me posted about ITV's app, streaming/viewing live content on 3G/4G network should be interesting. Thanks for the story, good stuff.


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