Will World Cup 2010 Crash Twitter?

The 2010 World Cup will be very different this year, and that’s all thanks to Twitter. The game itself will not change, but the way in which we communicate all the action will, as this will be the first time that the micro-blogging site will play its part.

Twitter has never seen a sporting event like this, so there could be a tidal wave of tweets coming in throughout the 31 days. The Gaffer from EPL Talk wonders how long it will take the 2010 World Cup to crash Twitter? The reason for this is simple, there are 32 countries competing, yes we know that more countries compete in the Olympics – but football/soccer is a much bigger game throughout the world.

There are a number of Twitter feeds that you can follow during this event; a fine example is World Cup Buzz. This feed will give you all the latest news and offer an analysis after each match – making it perfect for all you wannabe pundits out there.

I am certain that Twitter knows that this will be a very busy time for them and have taken steps to make certain that their site runs as smoothly as possible. For those of you who will be at work during an important match, then you should give FLO TV a go, as you will be able to stream live matches direct to the device.



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