Wikipedia Down: Can You Access The Site? – 9th June 2010

By Jamie Pert - Jun 9, 2010

Recently whilst researching one of my upcoming articles I thought I would check the ever-useful resource Wikipedia, however I was shocked to see that the site was offline (at 11.30am GMT on Wednesday 9th June 2010), I have now been trying for over 20 minutes to no avail.

Obviously down-time is experience by pretty much every website out there, however there are a few sites which you expect to be available 24/7, Wikipedia is one of these.

Over the last few days there has been no warning of planned downtime, therefore we can rule out scheduled maintenance, which means that it looks like they are experiencing problems.

The last time Wikipedia was down was back in March this year, apparently “server meltdown” caused this problem, let’s hope it is something less serious this time around.

I checked what is believed to be the official Wikipedia Twitter page, however there was no tweet regarding the issue, this means either it is a problem with my computer (which I use to access Wikipedia daily), or perhaps the problem has only just occurred.

Please help us find out whether this is a global problem by answering the poll question below, if you answer “yes”, please state where you are trying to access the site from.

Click this link to see if you can access Wikipedia.

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  • Carlos

    I can't access wikipedia. And I'm in America….

  • Roger

    Wiki down in Australia

  • Kate

    Not only is Wiki down but Twitter is also down. All I get is a message-"Twitter is over capacity-please try later."

  • Vishal

    It wasn't accessible, you are right (searching for reasons for the same i landed here). Seems to be working now though !

  • Dielson Sales

    I can't access the Brasilian page…

  • Seems fine to me. The server network that runs Wikipedia is robust enough that there should only be downtime if something unexpected happens, and when that happens they get fixed as quickly as possible.

  • Arjun

    Yes the site is down. I was not able access it. I am from India.

    • Arjun

      Wikipedia is opening now in India.

  • Cras

    No wiki in the Netherlands!