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Verizon LTE iPhone: Is it worth the wait?

Two days ago when the Apple iPhone 4 was finally announced some potential U.S. customers were unhappy to hear that Apple decided to stick with AT&T, however there is still speculation surrounding a possible Verizon LTE iPhone release sometime next year.

This speculation is a result of AT&T’s eagerness to get customers to upgrade to the iPhone 4, a Barclays Capital analyst called James Ratcliffe believes that AT&T are trying to secure customers on two-year contracts because competition may be around the corner.

This competition could be the release of a Verizon iPhone in the first-quarter of 2011, let’s face it an iPhone 4 on Verizon’s LTE network would be a great combination. If a Verizon iPhone did turn up in early 2011 it would obviously stir-up a lot of interest, however customers who sign-up to an AT&T contract with an iPhone 4 would still have at least a year of their agreement to see out.

Therefore many experts are asking the million dollar question, will you wait for a Verizon LTE iPHone 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. The only thing putting me off is the fact you could wait a year for a Verizon iPhone release, only to find that it never turns up.

Source: ZDNet


  • Gaucho

    FYI, number portability was Nov 2005. Viva Verizon!!!

  • Lisa

    my husband works for VZW, and even if he didn't, I would stay with them, and I am not a casual Apple user, I have been Mac for 16 years. So waiting is hard for me, but I have no choice. But get something straight people, Verizon is not sitting on this. They have said they would love it, it is now sit and wait. At&t has the contracts, and Apple needs to do what it needs to do. So I am not waiting for Verizon to do something, I am waiting for Apple, when they legally can.

  • Luis

    I don't know why you guys complain so much about AT&T's costumer service. I have been with AT&T since the first iPhone came out and I have never called for costumer service. Why would I need to call them? I can get the answers for most of my questions on their website. About AT&T's reception: Well, It's not the best but at least where I live (Los Angeles) I don't really have any problems. There is bad reception in some places but that doesn't bother me.

  • Lipper

    Hello Everyone,
    I have had Verizon service since the day the 'number portability law' went into effect in November 2003. I had AT&T previously and was tired of the dropped calls in Los Angeles! I must say that customer service has been consistently very good with Verizon and the phone service is excellent. Here is my take on the iPhone deal: LTE (4G) is around the corner for Verizon, and the exclusivity contract with AT&T is almost up (I heard 2010). Let's face it, AT&T needs Apple more than Apple needs AT&T. Just read consumer reports nationwide survey on cell phone service and the findings and customer experiences speak for themselves. When Apple first offered the iPhone to Verizon, they wanted too much control that Verizon was not willing to give up at the time. Times have changed and perhaps both companies can agree on things in a market that is very healthy for both of them. That being said, AT&T just increased their smartphone early termination fee to $375, yikes!.. I wonder why? It may be rumor, but if Verizon is to start rolling out their LTE network in the late fall, Apple may have given Apple a last chance to scoop up customers this summer, before the official announcement is made. At least AT&T can hold on to many new subscribers who balk at the $375 fee and stay with them for another two years. In the end, it is just a matter of time. Given the success of the iPhone, and the reliability of Verizon's network and, like Apple, good overall customer service scores, it is a perfect match. AT&T knows it, Apple knows it, and so does Verizon. Why would Apple not want to give 91,000,000 subscribers the option to choose an iPhone? Why would Verizon not want to offer its customer base the choice of a phone they keep asking for? Simple….Timing, and Technology….It's right around the corner, even if it's a year away. I, an admitted Apple fanboy, am sticking with Verizon because in the end, a phone just has to work, right?

  • Tee

    My contract with Verzion isn't up for a year, so I'm willing to wait it out that long. But then, I MIGHT switch because I really am a MacAddict and the new iPhone is awful tempting. But Verizon really has the better service, at least where I live and I really don't want to leave the company.

  • Bostonsown324

    I'm probably one of the few people out there who left AT&T for Verizon. I had a pretty decent experience with AT&T and the iphone. With that being said, I think Verizon is better suited for me. I went from the iphone to the Droid Incredible and I couldn't be happier. I think at some point Apple will wise up (find a loop hole, cause every contract has one) and introduce the iphone on multiple carriers. They would be stupid to not put the iphone out on the LTE network, which is actually faster than 4G. I know there was a couple press releases stating that the carriers aren't going to keep unlimited data, which I disagree with whole heartedly. I heard though that Verizon will keep their unlimited but make you pay for certain downloads. Sort of a supplement income to make more money to support the new equipment. If that is true, then that's just another reason for me to be happy about switching to Verizon. I won't EVER go back to AT&T.

  • Richard

    I'll be looking to upgrade to the first high-end LTE-capable smartphone available on Verizon, whether that be an iPhone, Android, or W7 device. I was considering going to AT&T and the iPhone4, but then AT&T dropped their unlimited data plan, and convinced me to stay with Verizon for now.

  • Michael

    I went from 10 years on VZW to AT&T 1.5 years ago for the iPhone 3G. BAD, BAD decision. I've never experienced worse cell phone VOICE service, ever. Dropped calls, bars fluctuating from 0-5 while the phone sits stationary on a table in my wood-framed house. I have to sit out in the driveway to make a reliable phone call. It drops calls consistently, even with 5 bars showing on the screen. It's a NEAT device, but AT&T service bites.

    Bring on the Verizon LTE! I'm riding out my 3G as long as I can until I'm fully free from AT&T contract and I'll hold out for an LTE phone on VZW, whether it's iPhone or not. I want a working phone again.

  • Nicki

    I am willing to wait a little longer for the possibility of an iPhone on Verizon. I have a contract with at&t that expires in one year and am planning to move to Verizon whether they get the iPhone or not. I can't take any more dropped calls!

    • electric 6

      ditto, im getting sick of it too. And the 3g coverage is crap!

  • Daria

    Apple came to verizon first, but Verizon said no! I bet they regret it! I wish they would have taken it because it would have been awesome because more people used Verizon than AT&T in the first place. AT&T has some more people now because of the iPhone! I am hoping to see and iPhone 4 for Verizon in the Fall or early 2011

  • I am willing to wait although my blackberry storm makes me sick and it is quite possible that i may get the samsung galaxy s if it comes to verizon . Now I keep hearing that steve jobs is a real secretive type regarding apple products so I look forward to seeing him let at&t run out they contract before the holiday season an launching an iphone with verizon,tmobile and sprint.

  • Audrey

    DON'T GO WITH AT&T. It's not worth having an iPhone if you're going to use their terrible service… coverage SUCKS and so does their customer service.




  • JayH

    The Incredible on Verizon sounds just about perfect. Just ordered one. Unfortunately they are on backorder. But I guess a little wait won't hurt me.

  • Sondra

    I'm elegible for a new Verizon phone NOW. I don't know what to do. Get the Droid? Wait in hopes that Apple will see the light and realize Verizon has better customer service as well as coverage? I know I will not switch to AT&T just because they have a phone that can do tricks . . . that doesn't make up for their other inadequacies.

    • electric6

      Stay with big red. iPhone wont be on verizon till at least 2010, but their are multiple high performance android handsets in the pipeline coming by the end of the year: Droid 2, htc scorpion, motorola droid shadow, and rumor has it some of these devices will have upwards of a 1.5ghz processor. Stay with big red, you wont be dissapointed! I have had iphone since the 3g, theyre cool, but att service has gotten worse over the last couple of years, and dropped calls are common place. iphone 4 is a locked down, over-hyped, and technically inferior product compared to recent android releases. Its a great os, but totally locked down, and uncustomizable!

  • Ratnok

    The tech press are idiots. Verizon was never going to get the iPhone this year, last year, or the year before. Now you are talking about next year? AT&T has an exclusive CONTRACT for the iPhone until 2012. All that garbage about "contracts can be renegotiated" has resulted in NOTHING!!! A contract is a LEGAL AGREEMENT. Do you really think that AT&T is going to give up the iPhone before the contract ends??? Why on Earth would they do that- especially when they have nothing else worthwhile and they have invested so much into the iPhone? They gimp their Android phones so much that nobody wants them. Stop leading people on and acknowledge it's not going to happen for another year and a half.

  • sari gibson

    I would like to get the iphone on verizon because I been with verizon for awhile now. Is there any chance that it would happen I got the strom but its not the same as the iphone,. My contract ends next year in aug. Is it possible that you will get the iphone on the network.

  • Kiko

    I will be switching when my contract is up this Dec. ATT is bad, my area seemed to be decent. Verizon is a fool for not trying hard enough

  • David

    I have been a Verizon customer for about 8 years and I am leaving for AT&T. It's a no-brainer. AT&T's data and voice coverage in my area is great according to my friends and I could really use the roll-over minutes on my service plan. Plus I really want the new iPhone. Bye bye big red.

    • Daria

      i could care less about it! i guess ill switch that was the original plan for me when i wanted the 3gs but the customer service is horibble! my dad was like yes we want to know the pricing and they werer like ok let me get a panthlet and they never helped us for atleast twenty minutes! Hopefully it doesnt brake on me!!!

  • Robert

    I really don't understand why Apple would make this decision. Hundreds of thousands of complaints about AT&T and they still don't open it up for other providers. I even know people who left AT & T and their iphones for Verizon because of AT&T…NOT because of the phone. I know i'm not leaving Verizon for it, guess i'll have to wait even longer. The droid is certainly in my future now since my contract is up in 2 months.
    Good luck to you Apple…my PC works fine too 🙂

  • cinderella

    Ditto! There is NO proof this will ever happen, I am changing Dec 6, when my contract with Verizon is finally up! I would rather stay with Verizon and really thought they would announce it Monday.

    • Daria

      I think that Steve Jobs will announce it the last day of the WWDC. It is june 7th-11th! Or some people say that it is coming in the fall! i will hold out til the 2011 WWDC to see what happens even though my contract ends in late April!

  • Big Pappa

    The new iPhone is pretty sexy, but dont know if I'm willing to continue putting up with bad customer service and sub par voice and data networks. I have been with AT&T for the last three years and was really looking forward to the new iPhone, but now that AT&T pulled a fast one and dropped unlimited data from its service I think I am going over to sprint and getting the new evo. I would love to get an iPhone on Verizon but to wait a year to see if it makes it over to big red and no guarantee that it will, well I'm not ready to take that bet.

  • Robert

    I have had Verizon for 4 1/2 years and I'm leaving them for the iPhone 4. My contract expired in January 2010 and I told customer service that I would wait until WWDC to see what Verizon does about the iPhone. Verizon has done nothing, and I'm not going to wait anymore. They are crazy if I'm going to wait another year. I seriously doubt Apple will release another iPhone after six months? idk imo

    • Daria

      i am switching too! hope fully but my contract ends next year so maybe by then they will have it! it ends just a month before the WWDC 2011!

  • Angel

    I have had verizon for 6 years but I really want an iphone. The iphone 4 is very tempting and I am considering switching over. The only reason I haven switched is At&t has aweful customer srevice. I call them to consider there service and was treated very badly, and I wasn't even a customer yet. It is a tought decision!


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