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T-Mobile MyTouch 3G: Android 2.2 Froyo Release Date Update

We have some fantastic news for MyTouch 3G owners on T-Mobile now, as a leaked document has confirmed that the handset will definitely get an update to Android 2.2 Froyo soon.

As reported from BGR, the document was obtained by TmoNews, T-Mobile reveals that the highly anticipated update is ‘coming soon’ and that older devices other than the MyTouch 3G will also be getting updated – although we’re not sure if they mean 2.2 yet.

Furthermore, the document also reveals that updates are on the way to the Faves Gallery, along with the Genius Button Application and full Exchange support too.

T-Mobile also felt the need to add that ‘no phones are left behind’. So, it is great news for customers for sure. Let us know your thoughts on this. We’ll let you know when the update is due to drop.


  • john

    No way is it being done by google. Otherwise it would come with stock android and not t-mobiles version

  • steve jobs

    my mytouch 3g was at 1.5 this morning, i had to search the web to find 1.6, i updated it to 1.6… i want 2.2… c'mon google and tmobile, quit saying " coming soon " at this rate it will probably be here in the year 9999 ad damn… get off your a$$e$

  • steve diebels

    just talked to t-mobile they said google is doing the update not t-mobile and its being done 10,000 phones at a time and it will be done through december 15th depending on when your phone was put on the network

  • I’m still waiting for my update my sister got hers already and I had my phone way longer than her is it ever coming

  • Ryan

    I have Froyo on my MyTouch 3g 3.5mm. It is called Cyanogenmod 6.0.0, and it is a great and stable customized version of Froyo. I seriously doubt that T-Mobile will update your phone. I bought my MyTouch on July 16th and the sales man told me that it would come with 2.1 out of the box. What a joke. I was so mad when it came in the mail and had 1.6 on it. He also said that it would be updated. Well, I updated it myself by rooting it and installing 2.2 on it. The great thing about Android is it is Open Source which means you can put any version on any phone that will take it. You might void your warranty but you are not in violation of copyright. Now most of the google apps will be pirated if you install them, like the market, but soon it will be legal too.

    • Jackson

      Open source! any phone that will take it!! lol… that sounds like windows Ryan. Do you know what it means when you say open source?

  • Gary

    I talked to Tmobile's customer support on 9/1. They said NO PLAN for sending Android 2.2 update to myTouch 3G. They are BS. I told them Tmobile needs to listen to customers' voice. They didn't and they won't. They just ignore me even I told them T-Mobile is forcing customers to switch to another carrier… you know what? They don't care, they just ignore!!

  • Shane

    I call bs…..there blowing smoke up all of our butts!!!!!!!!!!!!!,Im still stuck with 1.6 on mytouch

  • matt

    Talked to my HTC Rep yesturday who says mytouch will DEFINITELY get froyo, but guessing dates is pointless, it will launch when its ready. .. just know your all in line

  • jbar1674

    Traded the HD2 for the slide on fathers day just for the Wifi calling feature thats coming with the 2.2. Rep said by Aug. WTH where is it. Cmon T-mobile, lets get it going

  • The end of July is here and my MyTouch 3G is still on 2.1………

    • Missy

      your running 2.1? This might sound dumb but my mytouch jack is still running what it came with. Really tired of T-ghetto and their bullcrap stories.

  • AC-130

    …..And waiting

  • ulises

    i have dome some investigation on this and is sades that it will be by the end of July or the end of August

  • xfilefan

    Got my Slide as part of the Father's Day sale and the rep said Froyo was coming "almost immediately"….nothing wrong with 2.1 but I want the update they promised…….

  • garette

    these guys always say "coming soon" but never does….

  • Danny

    Still waiting. Screw T-Mobile!!

  • Corey

    Ugh C'MON!!

  • STILL WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • josh

    Well so much for it dropping at end of month……..I hope its soon….need to get back to crushing these iphone users!

    • Froyofan

      Still waiting…

  • adam

    will i be able to get the froyo update if my phone is unlocked and on att ?

    • name

      Aren’t we all sick and tired of waiting for this? The damn phone is little but a toy without exchange support; if this update never makes it within 2 weeks from now, I’m switching to windows mobile, or blackberry! Good work, Google! You should stick with search engines, and just leave the rest to Microsoft…

      • AndroidUser

        That's a joke. Android is light years ahead of Win Mo.

      • no one special

        its not google's fault, its up to the phone manufactures to create an update, google just provides the OS, and the manufactures have to program it to function on each supporting phones. so don't be an idiot

  • Jesus

    This is fantastic, I have been waiting for this.

  • BriGuy

    Unfortunately, most of these articles are neglecting to mention that this does NOT apply to the original MyTouch 3G – only to the "newer" MT3G with the 3.5mm headphone jack. This was confirmed to me by the manager at my local T-Mo store, as well as a phone rep, making my wife (who has the original) pretty unhappy.

    • SaltLife

      I have the article in my house and it states "Coming soon, we plan to update existing myTouch 3G phones – not just our new slide – to the latest software" "it will mean that users of older devices can get the most up-to-date software. They include all of the myTouch devices in their product listing… I know a rumor stated only the 1.2 would receive the update as HTC stated only devices made this year.

    • PhixPhoenix

      Then I hope they're ready for a fraud lawsuit because the article reads "ALL existing myTouch 3G" so if they don't update the original they're lying. The original isn't getting the 2.1 update, it's getting 2.2

  • A little birdie tells me that it's going to drop at the end of the month.

    • Cuban boy

      hope that little birdie is right

      • Hockey freak 6

        I was told june 28 by a tmobile rep

    • Curious George

      ooooh and who do u work for??? ;D

  • Harry

    Can't come soon enough if you ask me.

  • Robert

    June 19,2010 for Nexus One. My prediction

  • Tmoble is where its at

  • it's always "soon" but never a date 🙁

  • This is good news


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