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Playstation 3D: Games launching tomorrow

We have some great news for owners of the Playstation 3 who also own a 3D TV, from tomorrow 3D stereoscopic games will be available for the only console that can support this type of gaming.

John Koller of the Playstation Blog is reporting that there will be games and demos available. The Playstation 3 became 3D capable back in April with a free firmware update which was released. Also announced was a new firmware update later this year that will enable the PS3 to play 3D Blu-rays.

The games to be launched tomorrow are WipEout HD (full game), Pain, Super Stardust HD (full game), and MotorStorm Pacific Rift (demo). Also reported is the news that The Fight: Lights Out will also be stereoscopic 3D and available with the Playstation Move when it is released. More news is expected soon.

For all the information on this read the full article.



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