New iPhone 4: Will you purchase from Best Buy?

By Alan Ng - Jun 9, 2010

Earlier on, we informed you about the rather exciting news that Best Buy will also be stocking the new iPhone 4, ready for release date on June 24th. We want to know how many of you would prefer to pick this up from a Best Buy store, rather than from AT&T or Apple direct.

Buying online from either Apple or AT&T has its obvious advantages in that your purchase can be completed in a matter of minutes, but buying from a retailer may hold some special incentives to entice customers to pre-order.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Best Buy were to go down this route, as you can bet that The Shack, another retailer rumored to be carrying the iPhone 4 will definitely have some sort of pre-order incentives – just like they did with the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint.

At the moment, Best Buy are yet to confirm news about the iPhone 4, but you can expect to hear more details on this very soon.

Tell us, would you prefer to purchase the iPhone 4 from Best Buy?

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