New iPhone 4 Accessories: Bumper Cases – Price and Photos

By Alan Ng - Jun 9, 2010

It seems as if Apple are pulling out all the stops for the launch of the iPhone 4, as for the first time ever, the company are also launching some official bumper cases for those who want to give the iPhone 4 a bit of color.

As reported from Engadget, the colored cases will only surround the metal trim around the sides of the device – meaning that the front and back will be kept clear (either black or white).

Judging by the picture below, the white front and back will look a lot better when combined with one of the colors – I have to say that the black case is my favorite out of the colors shown.

For those of you who want to buy an official bumper case from Apple – they will be available for $29 a piece. Engadget think that the price is a bit steep – but I think it is worth it to make your phone a bit unique.

Which color would you choose for the iPhone 4?

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  • pritom

    is it believable??????????????


  • Mary

    The bumper case apple sent for free after I just purchase my iphone 4G is a piece of crap. Every time I grab it to pick it up, if you hold it too close on the top or side where the – or + buttons are, it activates the speaker phone…… I through it out after one day. Am going back to the hard case I bought at AT&T from Incipio, it's better by far!!!

  • we want buy bumper case for iphone 4g

  • Bexarjg

    One should look at the VAPOR case, from Element Case. It has to be pre-ordered, butt, I believe it blows the rest off the air waves

  • Whaddup

    what would look best with a black iphone?

    • josh


  • RBN

    OMG, $29,- a PIECE! That means that Apple will ask €29,- for it! A PIECE! They'd gone crazy!

  • Leoni_ox

    Hmmm white iphone 4 with an iluv case in purple or a bumper in blue "/

  • ThatMakeupGirl

    That Iluv case has nice colors.

  • rfh

    iLuv is making a product that seems similar for $25…

  • Keico

    The pink looks more like fun to me. Pink bumper and white iPhone 🙂

  • Christina

    There's no sense in buying a bumper for $29.00. I'm waiting for an Otterbox for the iPhone 4G to come out because it's stylish and protects the phone at the same time. Black looks the best for a white iPhone 4G, but I definately won't be purchasing one.

  • fifi

    first to comment!!!

    well anyway i think the bumpers are very cool and unique that apple will actually be making. i will personally be getting the white and also the green one