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New Apple iPhone 4: T-Mobile UK Release Confirmed

If you live in the UK and are interested in the iPhone 4 we have some good news for you, another UK carrier has been added to the list of iPhone 4 suppliers, this carrier is T-Mobile UK.

This now means that UK customers have a wide-range of carrier choice when purchasing an iPhone 4 as part of a contract, other UK carriers include O2, Orange and Vodafone.

Release details have not yet been revealed by T-Mobile, therefore we cannot confirm whether they will offer the iPhone 4 on it’s June 24th launch date, however you would have thought that it would be in their best interests to do so.

T-Mobile have stated that pricing details along with release info is “coming soon”, therefore as we hear more we will have to keep you informed, for more details check out the link below.

Is T-Mobile UK your carrier of choice for the iPhone 4?

Source: SlashGear


  • steve

    just spoke to tmobile uk, they are announcing their tariffs on friday the 9th, and allegedly may offer web browsing upto 3gb..we shall see..

  • Dean

    I would love Tmobile to release it on the 24th. I have a half price offer on contracts with them 😀

    Please Tmobile give me another kick ass phone for dirt cheap

  • Craig

    I've tried all the major networks with my unlocked iPhone, and T-Mobile kick arse, i get 3G nearly all the time where i live, more power to them :0

  • Kieran

    Nope, I would only go with O2 if the pricing for the iPhone 4 was cheaper on Tmobile I would go with you

    • o2 is crap … tmobile has well better tariffs more value for money and better signal o2 is poop big time .

    • Again, You could either be that person who keeps on dreaming for that verizon iPhone 4, or that guy, who's certain about that iPhone 4 coming on 2011 with a different carrier.


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