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New Apple iPhone 4 Release Info: Coming to Three Canadian Carriers

Are you a Roger, Telus or Bell customer? If so, we have some good news for you as we have found out that all three major carriers in Canada have been offered deals to jump on the iPhone 4 bandwagon.

Still, there is no word on pricing for Canada yet, as the UK, but if we take a look at the $199 and $299 prices available in the US, we can use this as a marker and expect the amount will be almost identical. Also, the launch date of the iPhone 4 in Canada is expected to come shortly after the release in the US on June 24 2010.

For the time being, it only seems as though Rogers are dishing out notifications on the availability of the iPhone, with Bell and Telus to follow suit soon.

Which carrier, if any, will you go with to get your new Apple iPhone 4 in Canada?

Source: IntoMobile


  • Justin Beiber is hot

    This is for canada incase you didint know

  • Justin Beiber is hot

    Does anyone know the exact realease date i am so confused its like 15, 23, 21 ,18 i have heard so many just dont know witch one is right please tell me.

  • ralphious

    does anyone know if the iphone4's coming to Canada are going to have the same reception propblems as the ones in the states or have they fixed the problem yet?

    • kyle

      the reception problem isn't a big deal. look it up on youtube. it only happens when you hold the iphone VERY firmly against most of the steel casing (antenna)

  • Undey

    On the other hand, maybe in othe provinces there are carriers who have some really great plans available. But do they have the 3G network performance to go with it? I'm not sure. I do know that the blackberries on MTS and TELUS kind of suck as far as web browsing goes. We can't use an iphone on MTS or TELUS in Manitoba. So, I think Manitobans are going to be stuck with Rogers/FIDO as far as the Iphone is concerned. We'd be as well served to buy it cheaper from Rogers and just live with the 2 year hardware upgrade limitations IMO.

  • Undey

    Wouldn't buying the phone from the Apple Store be much more expensive?

    I think the full price for the 32GB 3GS was $799 from Rogers. If I'm right, I believe you could buy it on the contract for $299. Then, immediately cancel your contract and pay a cancellation fee of $400. Which means you pay $699 for the phone in total.

    I suppose if you really don't want Roger's network it would make sense to pay the extra $100 for the phone for the freedom to move around to different carriers. In Manitoba (where I live) Rogers (arguably) has about the best network coverage considering they have use of all of their towers and all of MTS's towers throughout the province. So, for me, I'd be using Rogers anyway. I may as well get the phone for $100 less than I can at apple.

    Continued in next comment….

  • Crazy Canuck

    Good news on the new iPhone 4 – they will be sold full price via the Canadian Apple Store and these will be legally unlocked phones. You can buy the phone via the Canadian Apple Store, and then choose which carrier you want to use and not have to sign into any more long term contracts. It has taken far too long for this option to come to Canada, but I will be one who takes advantage of it. Rogers has taken too much of my money over the years, and they can take their 3 year contracts and stick them!

  • Have to go with Telus for the iPhone 4 they clearly have the best deals in Canada. I hope that the iPhone 4 comes out in early July because I want my new smart phone before my vacation later in July. Hurry Apple hurry!

  • LexCorp

    That's more the then true about the contracts in Canada cause the main companies don't really want to lower the price. plus they really give it to you if your not happy and want to change carrier. We also get everything late.
    What's up with the looked phones it should be illegal to lock the phones down. Lots of other countries laws don't stand for that and it's illegal to do so. We as North Americans should fight for our rights too.
    1) Contract is signed…. Can't go anywhere els.
    2) Paid for the phone but you can't use it on any other GSM network unless you crack it. Only in North America where you own and pay for some thing that you don't have full use.
    3) Going back 15 years ago we had better prices then the Americans. Today they have the better prices.
    Why is the rest of the world buy phones they are free to use it on any network but in the land of the free. We are locked down?

  • Enan

    I personally don't like those three carriers, I hope VirginMobile will get in the action…
    And the issue with Canada is that our contracts are pretty expensive and restraining.

    • dualboot

      @Enan – Hate to break it to you but Bell Mobility owns VirginMobile Canada.

      • chris

        virgin mobile in no way is owned by bell.. all they do is use there network. do think for a minute Richard Branson would allow someone else to own one of his companies. oh and Enan… virgin does now have the iPhone 4 advertised on their website


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