Mortal Kombat Rebirth: New Movie and Game at E3 2010?

By Alan Ng - Jun 9, 2010

We have some exciting news for gaming fans now, as a video has popped up on YouTube, which gives us a great look at the next Mortal Kombat movie – rumored to be called ‘Rebirth’.

We have no idea how the video surfaced, although the YouTube user responsible for the leak is titled MortalKombatRebirth. The video is around 8 minutes long and gives us a sneak peek at the new direction for the movie.

We definitely like what we see here, as I’m sure most of you are feeling the same way. Gone are the cheesy costumes seen in the old movies, in favor of a more believable and real-life storyline. We see characters such as Jax, Sonya Blade, Baraka, Reptile, Shang Tsung, Sub Zero, with the main character looking to be Scorpion. Unfortunately, it looks like Johnny Cage dies in the film, which leads us to a conclusion that this video wasn’t meant to be released since that is a pretty big spoiler isn’t it?

Joystiq is reporting that the new movie could be unveiled at the upcoming E3 2010 event, along with the next entry in the video game franchise.

This is finally looking like the Mortal Kombat movie that fans have wanted to see after the first two. Let us know your thoughts on this. Who do you think is playing Sub Zero?

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  • michael

    this movie is going to suck. baraka is a tarkatan warrior not a retarted doc and where is jax mechanical arms this is going to be a great disappointment to us all

    • andy

      u need to watch the movie first its the best

  • M!ni

    When i saw johnny case D I E i burst into tearfull laughter he did die 10 minutes in the second film, it was calming since he was always the bitch boy in the games

  • shottie

    wtf jonny is ment 2 b dead didnt any1 watch number 2

  • david

    when does it come out

    • Andrew

      2013 is the aprox year but it all depends on the legal battle between warner Bros and Threshold Entertainment. Threshold Entertainment still owns the rights to the movies while warner bros own the rights to the video games.

  • Manda

    The original style is much better, this movie looks like it might be too serious for MK and these actors cant get away with their bad acting as easily.
    Anyway, I liked Johnny Cage as a charachter and what is a movie without snappy one liners. Who knows it might be good, heres hoping!

  • ricardo

    this is off the hook,characterisation and scripting and storyline are great,this is one for the ages

  • Ray Ray

    I like that the writers tried to add some background behind characters, but as any one can tell you," YOU CANT DO SOMTHING THATS ALL READY BEEN DONE". If you were a kid groing up in th 90's you knew Mortal Kombat, yet this film is very unfamiliar.

  • jeremiah

    when dose it come out

  • good movie but wheres liu kang or kung lao its a good time to add both shaolin monks to this movie.

  • ant

    When do mortal kombat rebirth comes out?

  • MK Master

    Johnny cage dies in most games and died within the first 10 minutes of the second film!

    This is much less about the 'outworld' and more (somewhat) reality based.

    Looks promising and quite decent but will not be the same as previous movies and games.
    On the fence about it – I thought the guy in darkness was Kano at first.

    • Ant

      When do mortal kombat rebirth comes out?

  • hunt

    they need to hurry up and make it and put it out. then it look like my boy scorpion gone be the mane character yeeeaaaa this needs to come out as sssooon as possible and michael j white should have a major role and whoop some azz n it 2 da mane jaccin…trust me we gone love the movie put it out whoever gone be behind it get behind it and get to rollin them cameras

    • tim

      you are dumb.

  • C.J

    the fact that Johnny Cage dies in the trailer isn't really that much of a spoiler cause he does die in the games.

    And the gritty darker way all the characters are makes me think fans wouldn't like to see Johnny be like that, we like him being the cocky good guy and that doesn't look like it would fit in with this movie.

    I've got mixed feelings about this trailer, it looks good but I loved the old style even if it was cheesy.


    • Kane

      Im a Mortal Kombat fan through and through… If they making a movie, u gonna find me at the cinema!!! So the costumes are different?…

      -Jonny Cage dies =D
      -Mortal enimes Scorpion and Sub-Zero are gonna go head 2 head…
      Its all there, and so will I =)

      • quentni

        …….. i miss liu kang 🙁

        • Aaron

          what happen to him?

    • Joe

      Skorpion would be a Asian. He's yellow in the games, so why not be yellow on the screenplay.