McDonald’s $3 Glass: Shrek Glasses Return and Refund

By Peter Chubb - Jun 9, 2010

Last week we informed you that McDonald’s had issued a recall on its Shrek glass because of the possibility that they had been tainted with cadmium. The fast-food chain will begin its return and refund policy today, you will be given a $3 refund for your glasses – remember that the themed Shrek-glass only cost $2.

Business Pundit explains that today customers will be able to go into a McDonald’s restaurant and fill in a refund slip, you will also need to bring your Shrek glass with you – only those that were promoted with the Shrek Forever After” movie. It was these that could have been tainted with cadmium metals.

This was the only thing that McDonald’s could do in a situation like this, but the more pressing matter has to be how the cadmium could have got on the glasses in the first place. That has to now be the fast-food chain’s number one priority.

McDonald’s and other restaurants that offer products like this as promotion with a movie will now all have to consider where they get their products. We know that they need to get them as cheap as possible to return a profit – but at what price?

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  • concerned citizen

    I returned my glasses all four of them yesterday to a store in lower Ohio. And yes I did get a $3 amount for each glass. I hate that they have a problem with the glasses but I am also pleased that they are giving extra for our time and trouble to bring them back in. I have children in my home and although they were just for looks I would not take a chance keeping them around my kids. I would encourage all people to feel the same way.