McDonald’s $3 Glass Recall: Shrek Payoff at what costs?

Earlier on, we informed you that Mcdonald’s has made the decision to refund customers $3, following on from the Shrek Glasses recall after possible cadmium health risks. We are wondering if customers are satisfied with the extra $1, knowing that cadmium could cause serious problems if diagnosed.

After the recall occured, we posted a report here, giving you a detailed briefing on the potential health risks that cadmium could cause to your body. Possible symptoms include vomiting and diarrhea, while extreme cases could lead to kidney disease or cancer.

While some of you may be happy over the extra $1 for the $2 they paid for the Shrek glass, how would customers feel if they, or their children developed some of the symptoms mentioned above.

Of course, this may never happen after Mcdonald’s acted fairly quick over the issue – but we wonder what repercussions this $1 extra payout could have. Mcdonald’s may find themselves in the midst of multiple lawsuits if they are not careful.

What are your thoughts on the $3 refund for your Shrek Glass?


  • Melody

    I so agree with you Susan. The "hot coffee" lawsuit was one of the most ridiculous cases ever allowed in a court room and I hold the judge responsible on that one. That should have been thrown out of court as a "duh" moment in history and set the precedent for other frivolous lawsuits such as one where a woman sued the Winnabego (makers of RVs) for not posting in their manual not to leave the driver's seat while it was on "auto pilot" and she sought to make a cup of coffee while using what was actually cruise control and did exactly that. Needless to say, she wrecked the RV, won the case, lots of money and a new RV. Unbelievable….come on Americans, are we really that greedy that we will find any and every way possible to tie up our judiscial system with these bogus cases. It makes me ashamed when this kind of irresponsibility takes place in a supposedly intelligent society….now if one of our children actually get sick, that is a justisfied means of using our system for what it is originally intended for…justice. There is no justice is crying wolf because you didn't know the coffee was hot or you left the driver's seat while operating a vehicle….DUH!!!!!!

  • Susan

    I have a glass to return and think that McDonalds did the right thing. They did not manufacture the item and did not intentionally set out to make anyone sick.

    People are so quick to sue, it is such a shame. And McDonalds seems to be a great target after the "hot coffee lawsuit". It's quite a comentary on Americans when we can make money just by being stupid. Cum'on people return the glass, get the refund and move on.

  • Joe

    Why don't companies test these products before putting them up for sale. It would save a lot of time trouble and money for the company and the consumer.


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