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iPhone 4 Review: Detailed Preview before Release

We have a real treat for those of you planning to pick up the new iPhone 4 from AT&T on June 24th, as Engadget has posted up a full preview of the handset, complete with details from their hands-on experience with the device.

As you can see from their article, Engadget has not billed this as one of their ‘official’ reviews, but their article still gives us an insight into everything known about the device so far.

Categories included in their preview include Hardware, Design Build, another look at the Retina Display screen, the A4 processor used, improved battery life and a look at the new and improved camera with dual LED flash.

They reserve a hefty part of their preview to talk about their hands-on with the device, including some great photos and a few video clips to show off what the device is all about.

Then, there is a look at iOS4 – the new name for Apple’s new operating system which will be available before release. Lastly, there is a recap on pricing and availability for the device. We asked you here about your thoughts on the price for the device, but Engadget has a lot more info for you to read.

If you are planning to pick up the device on launch date, then this is the guide that you need to study in detail.



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