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HTC EVO 4G: Sprint Sold Out – Stock is coming?

Still hoping to pick up a HTC EVO 4G from Sprint this week? Well, it turns out that you can’t – Sprint has completely sold out of the device across the U.S. Surprised or not?

As reported from BGR, users who visit Sprint’s website looking to pick up America’s first 4G-capable handset will be greeted with the unfortunate message that stock has now sold out.

Sprint informs customers on their website to ‘check back later’, since more are on the way – but obviously there is no immediate timeframe on this.

For a device that has broken all sorts of sales records for Sprint after release, is this really a surprise to you? You may feel that Sprint should of anticipated this to happen, but rest assured – stock will be available soon.

Are you one who is desperately waiting for the phone to come back in stock? If so, let us know your thoughts on this. We’ll keep you updated.


  • Jimbo476290

    I was very impressed with the Evo G4 and went to eth Sprint store to get one, out of stock nation wide he says, everyone says end of the month. So I bought an iPhone instead.

  • Gerardo

    I called the waiting list was like 120 people and not guarantee that they will give me one by the end of the month. They get about 4 to 5 phones a week and not so cool. Called the 1888 sprint number and they dontk now either. I hope they get it soon since I hate the blackberry 8350i. Anyone know the time frame?

    • Wes

      Go to a sprint 3rd party store the one in my area usally gets in 15 to 20 a week.

  • NilesOhio

    I have been with Sprint for over 11 years. They have clearity in my calls but the service and representatives are absolutely worthless! They OVER advertise, Over charge and under deliver. I can't get through to anywhone who can tell there ass from a hole in the ground. I guess I am fiannally going with someone else as a new carrier. THey offer me better savings to go to them new then Sprint will to keep me. Good bye and good riddens. By the way. Thanks for my long time number. I am taking it with me!

  • Vince

    last i heard is that there is a AMOLED screens so they are waiting on Samsung to make these damn screens. There was a report filed that they let a few EVO's out with the old HTC Hero lcd screen and it didn't fly over so well, so i guess when Samsung makes more screens we will see more EVO's available.

  • K McKinney

    I've wanted one for awhile now and it's sold out everywhere PLEASE OH PLEASE REFRESH THE STOCK X 1 million thanks! LOL

    screw the i-sucky! I want my 4g HTC!

  • jay

    I have been lookign for about a couple days now , and they still don't have any in stoc.
    can someone tell me when will they be in? what should i do?

  • wozz

    the phones are in stock right now if anyone is looking on

  • mike

    I finally got my evo today i ordered on june 6th.

  • Angela

    ya i have an update on my contract n this is the one phone i want n i try to get it off of ebay but why bid for the phone at 400 dollars when i can buy it at 200 when its in stock HOPEFULLY IT COMES SOON!!

  • courtney

    I've been trying to get one for awhile now too…no one has gotten any shipments in Seattle in over a week and they don't know when they will. I want my phone!!

  • Terry

    I have been waiting for the phone for 3 weeks now, and still is waiting. I was just told that it is going to be a week to week basis on whether or not the phone will be in or not. I really want the phone even with all the flaws it may contain.

  • sovanna

    My boyfriend pre-ordered the HTC evo two weeks in advance and even paid bestbuy $50. On the day of the release, we were told it was all sold out. Pretty disappointing, I was lucky enough to get one when I ordered online at All we got is a $50 giftcard that probably won't be used for awhile.

  • AnnieWantsAnEvo

    One week ago I decided yes I do want an EVO. Several of my friends have android based phones and I enjoy using them.
    I knew sprint would be sold out for weeks so I called Best Buy.
    Online it said two stores in my area actually had stock.
    When I spoke to the lady on the phone I got a different, but not terrible, explanation.
    She said they did not have any in store but for only $11 i could expedite one and have it the next day. I was baffled and excited. I was planning on going in the next day to place my order.
    Unfortunatly I was told by my Dad that its not worth it to pay the $11. So I never ordered it.
    Just yesterday I ran into Best Buy to go ahead and place the order. First I asked to play with their working one. I fell in love. Even without yet knowing how to fully operate the phone it blew my mind with its graphics and fun features. I told her I was told about expediting. She said they no longer do this. I was a little sad but should have expected it.
    So now I am on sprints and Best Buys waiting list.

    I hope one of them comes up soon.


    every SINGLE store ive contacted says they are out and dont know when it will b back in stock. also i realized that it is no longer on radio shacks website… could it be….. retailers are dropping the product because they dont want to frustrate their customers…… in the end it is only HTC's fault.
    Sprint orders the phones, then HTC ships them in bulk. A constant supply of the phones to providers means one of two things.

    1. Sprint AND htc both underestimated the demand of the product and now are both to blame.

    2. Sprint ordered a large quantity that HTC was unable to fufill and is continuing to try and play catch up.

    I think the latter is to blame…. either way…..if I dont get the phone in my hands by the end of the week i wont switch providers…..

    as far as the 10 dollars. i DO understand why sprint is doing this. people will switch to sprint regardless of the extra 10 dollars because now, AT&T is charging a much higher rate for internet… no more unlimited data plans for iphone users…. so to a consumer….. 10 dollars for the best 3G access phone and unlimited data on the FIRST 4G provider isnt a deal breaker…….

    P.S. i AM an economics major

    • Annie

      I just checked radio shack, and the evo was on the site.

      Also i have a friend who works for sprint. He reported to me that sprint ordered 400,000 phones. 600,000 were sold. I cannot say if this was sprint or htcs fault at not being fully stocked. This is just what I have been told.

  • effy

    ordered it on june 4th, still nothing! very frustrating.

  • gfjd

    ya its on the site but if you talk to them they say its out of stock and will not ship

  • mike

    ITS BACK! Check the sprint site and you can order them now!

  • Random Guy

    Its a sales tactic, it broke sprint records by selling it and they didn't expect it to be so hot, Nintendo did the same thing with the wii. they only made so many and it became a high demand and now everyone has a Wii. I too am on the waiting list its disappointing but i didn't even expect to get the phone until i played with it, the New Iphone isn't anywhere near as fun, it allows you to edit videos and it has 7 hours of talk time, nothing special especially because its on the ATT Network. its the Battle of XBOX and PS3 all over again with these Phones, its worth the Wait. there is no reason to get the iphone over the EVO because its on high demand and out of stock. like i said i didn't even expect to get it and when i found out it was Out of Stock Nationwide its almost expected if you didn't pre-order it. the 4G network is worth the wait. especially the HDMI output, hook it up to your HDTV and play with your phone on the TV, watch videos, internet Record HD videos. i have had the iphone and on the AT&T network its not worth it considering they don't have a Insurance plan for it so if you break it then tough luck. sprint will replace it… Granted they have the EVO in stock lol.

  • pierce

    bad business practices. not very forward thinking. stupid mistake on sprint's part. the retail guy said sprint under ordered because they didn't want to get stuck like they did with the pre's. but don't they understand? Sprint customers have been waiting since the iphone arrived for sprint to offer the same. and now that it's been developed, there aren't enough phones for their customers? yes, they will loose business big time. if i were the ceo, i'd fire myself and the whoever decided to under order. heads would roll. nevertheless, i'm still on order for the evo.

  • shahram

    I'm very disappointed , this seems to be the only phone that interests me from sprint but there is a 2 week minimum wait list? c'mon now I come in with cash in hand!

  • Desmond Finley

    This is very upsetting. I went to Best Buy where I purchase all of my phones the same day the EVO came out and they were sold out. I was put on a list and told by the rep that they would be receiving a shipment sometime before the end of this week. Well I waited until yesterday to call and was told that it would be another week or so before any more came in. Later on that day I received a call around 630pm from the same rep telling me they just came in and if I wanted one to call back within 15 mins. Unfortunately by the time I called back it was too late they had already contacted the next person and the phone had been sold. I called them today and they told me that my name was next on the list for the next shipment. I have 10 lines with them and 5 of them are due for upgrades. I really was hoping to at least get two of them 1 for me and 1 for my wife. Now that I have seen the new Iphone and several friends who have the current Iphone have told me how great they are. I’m seriously thinking about switching to AT&T when the rest of contracts end in August. Business strategy 101 supply and demand never release a product unless your absolutely sure you can keep your inventory stocked.

    • julia Kessel

      You are the typical "cry baby customer". Yes, Sprint should have anticipated better. I agree. But AT&T has there problems as does Verizon. This is life. Our Society has become so spoiled ! It is like listening to a 2year old screaming "Mine MIne Mine!". Take your lines to at&t , they have their own problems . They are coming out with the Apple 4 but it isn't 4 G. Take a chill pill

      • nicole

        amen julia!! you all can't wait 3 lousy weeks? your heads are going to explode?? grow up.

      • Jim

        Spend less time criticizing Desmond and more time worrying about your self. He can cry all he wants. Thats what these comments are for. Not for dumb asses like you to judge people on their comments. Idiot!

        • Your SickNess

          On you with that one Jim. Thumbs UP!

  • daniel

    Not cool at all. I pre ordered the phone from radioshack and when i went to get it they said they were out and would get some in at the end of next week. So called best buy and they said they wouldn't get any in until the end of the month. If thats the case the new iphone will be out by then and since i already have a contract with att because of my wife's phone I might just go with the Iphone.

  • Sprintitis

    It's a great phone, but Sprint is also making people pay $10 more for 4G even if it doesn't exist in their area… they are really squeezing people… because… they can. This is the home run that Sprint needed, but they aren't handling it well. If they would drop the stupid extra $10 charge demand would double!!! This would blow away their competition. ISN'T that what they want? It's a small price to pay to sweep up market share. But I guess the geniuses at Sprint failed econ 101. Anyway, I can wait. Another month with my instinct will not kill me. And hey, I'm moving to that EVO because, what I have now – a small laptop with a browser open with 25 speed dial apps is looking very similar!! Only… I won't have to be plugged in 80% of the time. Also, I described exactly this size device and functionality would be perfect with my IT friends 5 years ago. Obviously the engineers that made it happen saw the same thing, because they would have had to been designing it around the same time. For the future? good question… I'd be probably looking for the phones to have enhancements like be 10 times FASTER and hold 100 times more storage. and of course now and forever, phone batteries that hold a charge longer and longer. Why not a screen coating that is also a solar charger? Yes, such things are in the works if you search the web. Odds are that if I'm thinking of it, some engineer is already developing it.

    • Tonya

      Are you mentally ill? Sprint does not charge 10 bucks for 4g….they charge it for “premium data.” The FCC regulates the amount of data that each person is able to use. This 10 dollar charge removes that cap. Get your facts straight before you bash sprint’s billing methods. What the hell is 10 bucks anyway? I’m sure sooooooooo many people are saying NOOOO to sprint because they’d rather pay 130 bucks a month for the iPhone than pay 85 bucks with sprint’s new evo. Lmao!

      • Your SickNess.

        Your an idiot. I work for a sprint store and yes. We charge 10$ extra BECAUSE of the 4G. And FCC does not regulate ANY data what so ever. How are you possibly going to regulate something that is unlimited. Retard. In example. If you buy a new Ferrari they are going to charge you MORE on insurance. Not because its an awesome car but because you can go FAST. Even if you say you won't. You can still do it. Same with EVO. Just cause your not near a 4G zone doesn't mean you won't ever be. I rest my case.

  • Dave

    Sprint’s CEO ought to stop making commercials and instead do his job and make sure his stores are adequately stocked. Beyond me why they would spend so much money advertising their 4G network and the EVO, only to get caught woefully short on inventory, especially considering that the iphone 4 will soon be on sale, not to mention the Verizon Incredible stocking back up.

  • Still waiting to get one. This looks like a great phone!

  • brittany

    I am not happy. I am on the waiting list at a store. They are going to loose business to the new apple iphone. Not happy.


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