HTC EVO 4G: Battery Life – Tips from Sprint

By Alan Ng - Jun 9, 2010

For those of you still having trouble with battery life on the HTC EVO 4G, Sprint has offered some tips for users which may or may not help you in your quest to squeeze more life out of the device.

As reported from Phandroid, Sprint has listed six tips that you should try out if you find your handset cannot last a day without having to charge the device.

The main one which will probably save you the most battery life, is to turn off network roaming. According to Sprint, automatic roaming should only be on when you cannot find any signal at all in your location.

Other tips include turning off 4G when you are not using it, adding widgets to the homescreen for Radio, Bluetooth and WiFi, and turning on automatic brightness in the settings.

If you havent tried any of these methods already, we are sure that they will help you out. Give them a try and let us know how you get on.

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  • Michael

    Do you people leave your lights on when u go to bed? Or leave the stove on when you're not cooking? A/c on when it 50 degrees? Seriously, if you leave all options running when u dont need them, what do u expect? I use my evo constantly, and get a full day out of a charge. Now I have a 3500 ma battery and it still 50% when I go to bed.after 15 hours or so.

  • Anonymous

    I like the EVO, it looks nice but, I change the phone 2 times already, having so many problems with it. At 7:00 PM I don't have no phone!!!!!!!!!!! So what is the use to pay so much money and use it for 8 hours a day? Does it really worthed?

  • Anonymous

    Root, setCPU, fresh or damage control ROM = 18-24 hours on one charge with moderate use

  • jan

    Hello, the Mugen Power Batteries release the 1800mAh extended battery, and the 3200mAh one is coming soon in Aug!

  • Randy

    Why should you have to "manage" the phone to improve battery life? I returned my Evo in a week because of this garbage. My Wackberry phone isn't the greatest, but the battery life is supreme. And, I don't have to turn off this or that to go all day. The App Killer is great. But, again, you have to manage that. I had to go in and constantly turn off apps. And, I found apps running that I didn't even open. Somehow the OS opened them.

  • Guest in WA

    The battery life is garbage. What they "should have done" was created a solar powered sensor to help recharge or keep the battery charged. After all th ehype, after all the wait….. I honestly feel like my decision to purchase was a mistake. Battery life is unacceptable. Also, while I was "in the field" in a remote area in Washington State, I got ZERO bars of signal where as a co-worker got (he said) 4 out of 5 bars on his iPhone (3G). I was in doubt, but long into the evening, he was still using the phone when mine died right around 5 pm. My co-worked was using his iPhone to nearly midnight when he said his battery warning came on to 20%. Really, I waited just about 5 month for teh EVO and I am disappointed only in the battery life. Its just unacceptable and I may return my EVO to Walmart before my 30 days are up.

    • Guest

      A solar panel wouldn't help, the hole front of the phone is the screen (no room for a panel) and the back wouldn't ever really face the sunlight…Even if it did, the panel would be too small to generate enough power to really help at all.

  • Tyler T

    you have to make a few changes to the phone out of the box. my biggest improvement was installing advanced task killer. just got the phone 4 days ago, still have to charge it up a bit after about 8-9 hours, but just turned off roaming feature as recomended by sprint. hopeing with the combo of disableing roaming and a few "break in" charges it will get a bit better.

  • kaz

    Try advanced app killer. That and several charges helped greatly.

  • Harry Monroe

    The battery life started out pretty rough for me. However, after the first several charges where my battery completely drained, and then replentished, it seemed to improve greatly.

  • jas

    Get the power management app for 99 cents. It works great!

    • JDL

      I can't find it, is it called something else?

      • Pat

        Advanced Task Killer

  • change the settings you weirdos the battery lasts me all day no difference my my iphone 3gs i had or my htc hero… if you use all the settings at once duh the battery will last only 4 hours, its just like a laptop you freak-azoids lol the less applications you use the battery will last longer

    • Bill

      Stop insulting people. If you want to help tell everyone what your settings are and spare us the smart-alecky remarks! sheesh!

  • jenny

    I really hope they come out with a new battery…it's a deal breaker….The phone is amazing it does everything but doesn't work if you have a dead battery all the time.

  • james

    16 hours since last unplugged and 31% battery left as we speak. It takes a few settings changes and monitoring of the radios, but good battery life is possible. This is with moderate use, not light nor heavy.

  • supercooloptw

    I seem to be able to get through the day just fine, but every morning I wake up and the battery is completely drained…

  • MrDJ

    Yeah, mine lasts about 4 hours and it's done.

  • Soupe

    Battery life is so horrible. Have to charge 3 times a day!!!!