Verizon iPhone 4: Time to forget about it?

By Alan Ng - Jun 8, 2010

So day one of Apple’s WWDC bonanza has finally come to an end. The world was greeted with the official unveiling of the iPhone 4, but customers on Verizon Wireless didn’t hear the announcement they were praying for.

It seemed certain that AT&T’s time was up in terms of exclusivity for the device – especially when that article from WSJ and comments from the Verizon CEO hinted of an upcoming release on Big Red.

Even Steve Jobs dropped a hint last week at D8, when he revealed there ‘might be’ advantages to having the iPhone on more than one carrier in the U.S.

But with all that in mind – there was no Verizon iPhone. Once again – the rumors and speculation let everyone down this time. Do you think that the time is right to move on and forget about the device landing on Verizon?

Still, there will be some of you clinging on to the hope that this could still happen in the future – but we doubt it. Let us know your thoughts on this.

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