Super Mario Galaxy 2: A Complete Walkthrough & Video

By Jamie Pert - Jun 8, 2010

If you are one of the many Super Mario fans who went out and bought the latest adventure in the Mario series with Super Mario Galaxy 2, you may be some of the few who are experiencing minor issues that prevent you from fully completing this game.

If you are experiencing these little faults that would otherwise make Super Mario Galaxy 2 a very fun game, look no further than YouTube, where numerous Super Mario fanatics have posted their very own walkthroughs for specific levels- some including commentary, some not.

Also, IGN Walkthroughs have hosted a comprehensive walkthrough, which covers an overview of the story, plot (a Mario game with a plot? Surely not!), collectible items, and of course, the main stage-by-stage, world-for-world guide on how to complete each level.

Have you completed Super Mario Galaxy 2 yet? Have you got any better guides, or guides you have created yourself? Feel free to post them in the comments below.

Source: YouTube IGN Walkthroughs

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