Safari 5: Download Now – Faster than Chrome and Firefox?

By Alan Ng - Jun 8, 2010

We have some great news for regular users of Safari now, as just as expected prior to the event, Apple has announced the release of Safari 5. And guess what? It is meant to be quicker than both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

It seems as if Apple didn’t have any space for Safari 5 during yesterday’s WWDC 2010 briefing, unless they are planning a proper reveal during the week.

Nevertheless, moments after Steve Jobs’ keynote at the event, the download link for Safari 5 became available on Apple’s website. The new version is thought to pack a 30% increase in performance over Safari 4, while there is also brand new features such as Safari Reader, Microsoft Bing Search and Extensions – which is similar to Firefox add-ons.

Here is the interesting part though. Apple is claiming that Safari 5 runs JavaScript twice as fast as Firefox version 3.6, and a mighty three percent faster than Chrome 5.0.

Do you believe that? Head to Engadget here for full details and the download link.

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  • Cameron

    I hope its not a memory hog and CPU hog like Safari 4

  • yoyo

    Everything's faster than firefox, although I still love it 🙂
    Safari 5 is literally twice as fast as Chrome 5.0.375 at loading my employer's website.
    My rules of thumb:
    When surfing on Mac: Safari
    When debugging on Mac: FireFox
    When surfing on Windows: Chrome
    When debugging on Windows: FireFox
    When I feel like a really good bitch and moan: Internet Explorer

  • my best browser

  • jamesogojoi

    not bad