No Verizon iPhone 4: Will you move to AT&T?

By Alan Ng - Jun 8, 2010

It is time for some more feedback regarding Apple’s somewhat inevitable decision not to bring the new iPhone 4 to Verizon. We want to know how many of you are prepared to stick it out with Verizon and just how many of you have decided that enough is enough.

Judging by our user comments in our previous report, it seems that most of you are willing to overlook the iPhone 4 if it is staying on AT&T. Despite some impressive tech features on show, it appears that Verizon customers are more angry than happy over the news.

Verizon customers have some new Motorola Droid handsets to look forward to, but they are no iPhone 4. It is no secret that the handset is the most desired phone on Verizon – period. Apple know it, Verizon know it and AT&T probably know it as well.

We all made a big deal about how AT&T’s contract was up with Apple, but it seems evident that they will now carry the iPhone exclusively for another year at least.

Let us know your thoughts on this. As a Verizon customer, are you prepared to move to AT&T now?

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