No Verizon iPhone 4: Will you move to AT&T?

It is time for some more feedback regarding Apple’s somewhat inevitable decision not to bring the new iPhone 4 to Verizon. We want to know how many of you are prepared to stick it out with Verizon and just how many of you have decided that enough is enough.

Judging by our user comments in our previous report, it seems that most of you are willing to overlook the iPhone 4 if it is staying on AT&T. Despite some impressive tech features on show, it appears that Verizon customers are more angry than happy over the news.

Verizon customers have some new Motorola Droid handsets to look forward to, but they are no iPhone 4. It is no secret that the handset is the most desired phone on Verizon – period. Apple know it, Verizon know it and AT&T probably know it as well.

We all made a big deal about how AT&T’s contract was up with Apple, but it seems evident that they will now carry the iPhone exclusively for another year at least.

Let us know your thoughts on this. As a Verizon customer, are you prepared to move to AT&T now?

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  • Thomas

    Being a current AT&T customer everyones resolve to stick with Verizon is a good one. AT&T has the worst coverage ever! I live in a market (major city and state capital) where I'm forced to endure 3E (Edge) service . Apltly named since it's slow and ineffectiveness drives you to the edge, daily. I've called and spoke to AT&T numerous times with their empty promises to improve to 3G in the first quarter of 2010.Here we are June 2010 and still no 3G. I hope Apple considers terminating AT&T 's contract SOON! I'm a former Verizon customer what a mistake I made in converting!

  • matt

    Sorry – I love Apple's products, but am tired of their hubris. I'm not waiting any longer….Android it is for me and my three phones on Verizon. Inevitably by the time my new two year deal runs out in 2012, there will be a newer/hotter iPhone that MAY be on verizon by then.

  • louskywalker

    is this writer an idiot. the contract doesn't end till 2012. Verizon has to wait another two years. stop getting everyones hopes up.

  • Patricia

    Everything about the iPhone 4G is exciting, and the only thing between me and an iPhone is AT&T – with their dropped calls, extremely poor customer service, poorly trained technicians and an inadequate service area. I'm so disappointed in Apple's failure to recognize AT&Ts inadequacies which are so not up to Apple standards. But I'm tired of waiting. I'm moving to the Droid Incredible. I hope all loyal Verizon customers will move on and inspire major break throughs that will surpass the iPhone. I love my iMac, iPod and shuffle but I will not purchase any product that is dependent on AT&T support.

  • joe

    While I do love iPhones, esp the newest version, the Droid incredible seems a close second and as a gmail user the droid's OS really suits my needs better. I mean, how often are you really going to use video calls?

  • JesseJames805

    Seeing the iPhone 4 and the new features, video chat, front/back camera! WOW!! Then hearing the news it wont come to Verizon anytime soon! It made me want to break something! …. But I never once thought about going back to AT&T! Bad customer service, dropping calls … etc etc. I'm willing to wait. I'll just buy the NEW Droid and wait for the iPHONE!

  • James

    I bad as I want an Iphone, I refuse to change from Verizon to AT&T. I'll wait till it hits verizon no matter how long it takes. I'm even willing to pay full price if I'm not eligible for my phone upgrade when it comes out. Verizon's network is far superior, so good in fact its been years since I've had a dropped call. I just wish Verizon would get their act together on their phones, it always seems the other carriers have the better phones (with only the recent exception of the droid phones.)

    • Chris

      AT&T has a much faster network and unless you live in a market where AT&T isn’t present, there is absolutely no argument to be made. I have tested phones in areas where both carriers had 3g and I would have to conclude that AT&T has a far superior speed advantage. Unless you travel on a regular basis, you can’t compare the two carriers


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