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New iPhone 4 AT&T: Still want HTC EVO 4G on Sprint?

For smartphone fans around the world, yesterday’s events at WWDC 2010 was pretty exciting. While we all knew that a new iPhone 4 was coming, we were still blown away by what Steve Jobs unveiled. The question is though – is the iPhone 4 now the hottest smartphone on the planet?

You may argue that, that particular title currently belongs to the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint. Let us not forget that the device – the only 4G capable handset in the U.S, was only released a mere four days ago.

We can’t help but feel that Apple’s WWDC 2010 event has taken away all of Sprint’s limelight with their powerhouse device. Then again, you may feel that the iPhone 4 still isn’t as good as the EVO in terms of hardware capability and software features.

At the moment though – the iPhone 4 definitely has the ‘wow’ factor – and we want one. Do you feel the same way, or are you still more interested in the HTC EVO?


  • Peaved

    I have been with at&t for three years. My daughter dropped her iphone a couple of months ago and broke it. She wanted to try a different phone with at&t and with the data plan. She did not like the other phone and wanted to go back to the iphone. Because we were over the 30 day gaurantee by two weeks we could not trade the new phone in on the new iphone. I decided to step up to the plate and pay full price but when I was buying the data plan with the full price iphone the salesperson informed me I was no longer qualifyed for the unlimited data plan that the company had been grandfathering in. EVO with Sprint, here I come. I am Done with at&t!!

  • Kathy

    ANither EVO owner. I went on a wait list at Best Buy yesterday morning and they called me in the afternoon with a phone and I picked it up last night!
    I am so impressed with the screen the speed and the camera and video is crystal clear the best! I cannot wait to play with all the other features. I set up personal and business emails within minutes and get FB notifications instantly!

  • D2G

    Proud owner of an EVO – no clue where this 'wow' factor is coming from.. iPhone 4 is a let down.. Sorry apple, but this time it's you releasing a device that isn't even as good as ones out for months.. The apple lock-in ecosystem is really starting to limit what the products can do.. Looks to me that everyone has caught up and passed what apple can do as a single company for a single device.. So many android devices coming out (tv's, phones, tablets, netbooks, etc) – there just going to put apple right into the same niche market they have in the PC/desktop world.

  • Wesley

    Even if the iPhone could breakdance, I'd still take the EVO because on AT&T's network, the iPhone is like a Ferrari on a dirt road. You just shake your head and wonder why. I really don't have to explain this.

  • Sprinty

    There's your answer Alan…how'd you miss it, bro? EVO has all the WOW. Apple's unveiling on Tuesday left all but the most irrationally devoted of iPhone acolytes limp, underwhelmed, and shrugging as then went to buy the last of the first shipment of EVO's. What WOW'ed you guys so hard about the iPhone 4 at PRNews?

  • sony

    only battery life making me think abt evo otherwise evo is better
    sprint pls offer extra bettery

  • Sal_A

    Definitely the EVO! The screen size alone is worth it. The phone is a blazing fast monster and once it gets 2.2, it will be "supersonic" speed.

  • FunFeature

    Video Chat only works in wi-fi and only works between iphone 4's! Pretty damn limited, and only brought to market as a me first(ish) feature. As it stands, it's just a 'fun' feature.

    • Dan The Man

      iPhone for sure… there will be a ton more people with iPhone 4s than with the HTC… there are a ton more people on AT&T, although the carrier sucks I had sprint and they were even worse! I bet there will be more people with an iPhone 4 on WiFi at any given time than people with the EVO in total, that alone puts the iPhone over the edge… sorry HTC although you have a great product, you do not have the following the iPhone does.

    • ccc

      o__o ?

  • Derek

    I still want the Evo im done with the lame I phone and especially ATT

  • Mark

    The video conferencing on iPhone was a let down for me because it can only work on wifi. Id rather take EVO to do some video conferencing in wifi, 3g and 4g networks. Guess going to put my name on the wait list for the Evo tomorrow.

    • brandon

      My evo is still better and sprint phone plans beat at&t hands down. Also no tethering on the iphone4 unless you root it which then voids your warranty with apple. Don't forget you still can't put insurance on the iphone so if you lose it or it get water damage too bad for you. Why go to a crappy carrier who can't even get coverage at the unveiling?! Also the screen is smaller. to many cons than pro's


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