New Apple iPhone 4: White or Black, 16GB or 32GB – What will you buy?

By Jamie Pert - Jun 8, 2010

As you are all now probably aware, the internet has got buzzing about the latest and (possibly) greatest smartphone to date – the Apple iPhone 4. If you are one of the many who are interested in throwing away your old phone in favor of the new iPhone, we ask you a question. Which one will you buy?

The guys at Apple are staying with AT&T, so there is no way out of that as Verizon and Sprint will not be seeing the iPhone on their network for sometime. Although, Sprint do have a trick up their sleeve as they have the hotly anticipated HTC EVO 4G, which has received raving reviews since it’s release and is seen as direct competition for the iPhone 4.

If you live in the UK, you will be glad to know that two available networks will be able to offer you the iPhone 4. O2 and Vodafone are your go-to networks here. If you are currently on Orange, T-Mobile or any other network, you are just going to have to wait, or transfer.

So, with the main issue out of the way, we can get down to the styling and the capacity. What would your prefer, a sleek white looking iPhone? Or would you opt for a sexy-stylish black version? Either way, both look fantastic. Then you have to decide what capacity to choose, the 16GB version will cost $199, and the 32GB version will cost 100 dollars more at $299. Both will require you to sign a two-year contract with AT&T.

Let us know your preference by filling out the simple poll below.

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  • Bassment42

    Looks like you can only preorder black right now.

    I think I am going to wait.

  • Phil

    White 16g pulling that out of your pocket will look so fresh

  • john

    white iphone 4

  • Mike

    I was thinkn the same thing. Ive had black 3g and 3gs, finger prints ruin the look. The previous versions were plastic and i can see how that would stain. My thinking here is the back is as likley to stain as the front being they are both glass this time.

  • NguyenR

    How the hell does glass that covers the white paint or whatever apple used discolor? Maybe if it was plastic, think about it genius. Rumors? STFU

  • Tylwe

    I hear that the Black shows a lot more finger print marks than the white does, but i also heard about the white discoloring over time. Hard call, guess i will make it at the Apple store on the 24th.

  • John

    How you would know that the white discolours on this phone already is beyond me

  • Peter

    32GB black simplicity 🙂 – I've heard rumours that the white one discolours if used intensely.

  • mello80

    does this phone really release june 24th

  • Sam

    32 gb black

  • germaine small

    this is gona be sick