NASA: Face in Space on Twitter and Facebook

With only two more Shuttle missions to go, NASA thought that they would offer to send your face into space – these headshots will then be posted on Twitter and Facebook during the mission. This is not the first time that the space agency has done such a thing.

Mara Gay from AOL News said that it has now become very easy to become part of history, and is a way for us to go along for the ride with the astronauts on the last two shuttle missions. Once you have uploaded your image onto the NASA website you just need to chose which shuttle you want your photo to go up on.

Discovery will go up first and is scheduled to launch in September, while Endeavour will make its final trip to the International Space Station in November. The last time that NASA took souvenirs into space was in 1997 aboard the Cassini spacecraft.

When both shuttles return to earth, those who had their photo taken to space will be given a “flight certificate”, all of which will be signed by the mission commander.



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