MIA: New Apple TV, Verizon iPhone, Magic Trackpad, and more

By Peter Chubb - Jun 8, 2010

Before WWDC 2010 we had assumed that Steve Jobs would announce more devices than he did, so what was missing from that keynote? Apple TV, Magic trackpad, iTune Cloud, Mac Mini, MacBook Air and the biggest letdown – a Verizon version of the iPhone 4.

Ben Patterson from Yahoo News has written a detailed article looking at all those devices that were missing. The first was Apple TV, we were expecting two things here, an upgrade to iPhone OS, which is now called iOS 4 and a reduced price of $99 – both never happened.

We wrote an article yesterday looking into the possibility that Jobs would announce iTunes in the cloud – again this never happened. This is a shame as other services have been offering this feature for some time now; Apple will have to play catch-up if they leave it any longer.

We mentioned the Magic Trackpad yesterday; we knew that this was coming and assumed that it would have made an appearance during the Worldwide Developers Conference. We also assumed that the Mac Mini and MacBook Air would have seen upgrades. We now fear that Apple could start to phase the Air out.

Finally and most importantly was the Verizon iPhone no show. Every year we work ourselves up to the prospect of the iPhone being made available to Verizon Wireless customers, and every year Jobs lets us down – its as if he does not care about the constant Android threat.

Were you disappointed with what was missing from WWDC 2010?

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