Lamborghini Navarra Concept: Evolution over Murcielago

The Lamborghini Navarra Concept is not a huge change over the Murcielago – rather an evolution. The Italian supercar maker knew that they needed to change the direction of their design, which is why they have chosen to go with Lockheed Martin designer Adam Denning once again.

The Murcielago was a great model thanks to its beautiful sharp edges that reminded us off an F-22 fighter jet, which was obvious as it had a heavy influence from one of its designers. We do hope that Lamborghini go with this design, as the Navarra Concept is something that would give the likes of Ferrari and McLaren something to worry about.

Denning said that he took a little something from each of the Lamborghini flagship models and thinks that he has come up with something that they will all be proud of. According to Car Body Design, the dimensions of the car is very similar to the Murcielago, well it is just 2cm shorter.

The Lamborghini Navarra Concept could come with a V12 engine and produce between 650 and 700 bhp, and be made from carbon fiber – the same as the new Lexus LFA supercar.



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