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iPhone 4 Vs HTC EVO 4G, 3GS: Retina Display Comparison

For those of you seeking further information regarding Apple’s exciting new Retina Display on the just-announced iPhone 4 handset, we have a useful video comparison with the iPhone 3GS for you to check out now.

The video comes to us courtesy of Engadget, who were luckily enough to get some hands-on time with the device. After posting their first hands-on review for the iPhone 4, they then took a closer look at the pixel quality within the new display screen.

The general consensus on the Retina Display is that the screen is now one of the best, if not ‘the best’ on the market. Engadget themselves claimed that the screen was the best they’ve ever seen, and this video we’re about to show you tries to prove that.

They have provided some screenshots showing pixel quality between the new iPhone 4, the old iPhone 3GS and also the HTC EVO 4G. If the screenshots do not provide enough evidence on the super crisp display, then the video just might. Head to Engadget for the photos and video.

What are your thoughts on the display screen on Apple’s new device. Amazed or not?


  • Guest

    Lackluster User Experience? I don't know what you are talking about, but TRUE multitasking and a way better method of notifications is not a "Lackluster User Experience".

    Also, unlike iPhone 4 users, we don't have to go through some twisted setup with Exchange to get our Google Calender sync to work.

    Turning off GPS? If your app doesn't use GPS, you don't need to turn it off. It consumes no power except when an application is requesting a GPS signal.

    Unlike the iPhone 4, we Evo users actually have root access to our phone that isn't killed every time Apple releases an update.

    Did I mention unlimited wifi tethering for free under root? Eat that 2 GB AT&T plans.

    Industrial Design? You've got to be kidding me:

    "You're holding it wrong."

    Oh what? the iPhone 4 glass is getting scratched? Turns out even aluminosilicate glass won't stand up to everyday abuse in a pocket.

    Clearly a good design.

  • Helipal

    IMO, Apple has a home run here based on industrial design, obviose high quality of build, and the reliable apple user experiance. A close freind got an EVO last saturday, and is already thinking of returning it (he previosly had Iphone 3G, like me). His main complaint is reduced easy of use / lackluster usuer experiance (compared to iphone). He also had issues with battery life (@5.5 hours) and had to install software to switch off power consumers to get through a whole day of light to moderate use. Now when he wants to use GPS, he has to "switch it on", and then wait for the signals to "lock". When he first got it I admit I was tempted myself to get one (contract up next month) The EVO is a cool phone with some great features. But for now I think I'll stear away from the dark side, and stick with something that works.

  • Its good to see Steve Jobs pulling this one, even we already have seen those leaks before. I think it's not only great. But Magical as well, in a sense that they manage to improve the 3GS iPhone.

    Although, I was realy hoping that announcement of iPhone landing on Red V. Anyway, I guess we'll know more sooner. All the questions about iPhone 4 answered.


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