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iPhone 4 vs. 3GS: Screens Compared – WWDC 2010

The display on the iPhone 3GS has always been good enough for me, but for those who have trouble reading text this has always been an issue for them. Apple have come up with what they think is the perfect solution on its new iPhone 4 smartphone – Retina display.

This new display technology allows you to see an image or text as it should be seen – it is as if you are reading the text from a book. The reason for this is due to a very high pixel density, a result of four times the amount of pixels as the current 3GS.

The Retina display uses IPS (in-plane switching); you may remember that this is the same technology that Apple uses in its iPad device. This comes in great use when you are showing people photos on your iPhone 4, as it has a much wider viewing angle than the 3GS model.

Many of you would have noticed that the display on the current iPhone often lacks in certain areas – not so with the iPhone 4 as the Retina display offers darker blacks and brighter whites, also ideal when reading text or watching a video.

The screen in the new Apple smartphone is the same used in high-speed trains and helicopters, and is even scratch and oil- resistant. One thing is certain; if you put the iPhone 4 and 3GS side-by-side and compared the screens you will wonder how you ever managed. For a more detailed look at the new screen visit Apple


  • Moni

    The iPhone 4 is quite fragile compared to the other previous iPhones, the screen and all around bases is made out of glass so therefore if i were to drop it from a high distance the phone would automatically shatter into pieces.
    Rather than the iPhone 3G OR 3GS just the screen would crack but not the whole surroundings of the phone. They say the newer the better but it's definitely not.


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